Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lu Flux: Over the Hills and Far Away

Lu Flux launches spring/summer 2011 at London Fashion Week.

In her second season at London Fashion week Lu Flux, who specialises in creating unique ethical clothing, presents her new Spring Summer 2011 collection.

The collection is inspired by the landscape paintings of Gustav Klimt and features blues, yellows and greens, which emulate the colours of an English garden in Spring.

Hoards of ribbon and personalised toile de Jouy feature alongside Lu Flux’s signature sculptural patchworks composed from salvaged, sustainable and organic fabrics.

Complex techniques adorn simple shapes to create wearable clothing with an effortless elegance.

Materials from the past are treasured, absorbed and adapted to create playful one off pieces.

Each element of the patchwork is placed exactly within a garment’s composition to create visually exciting and practical pieces.

With abundant textures and patterns, Lu Flux’s garments greet onlookers with a sense of creativity and pleasure. Humour is combined with beauty to conjure whimsical warmth that fills the wearer with a wonderful silliness.

Paying meticulous attention to the methods and materials that create each garment Lu Flux strives to demonstrate the possibility of creating ethical clothing without compromising beauty.
Have a look here at the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Lu Flux.