Monday, December 27, 2010

Time machine

Time goes by fast , just 4 days left to 2011. Many thing happen in my life this year. Happiness & sadness, fun activities with my friends, love story, and many more. If I had the opportunity to enter into a time machine ,I would go back in time where I made many mistakes. These are the things that 'll not be forgotten in this year :

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01. Promoted as pastry cook at my workplace.
02. Have a new digital camera and cell phone.
03. Received free stuff from our local brand ( SATCAS /Bloop Endorse/Dhievine by Dhika )
04. Meet my favorite indonesian blogger ( diana/heidi/sonia/bethanny/sabila ) at Blogger Yard Sale .
05. Shopping a lot free stuff at Centro and got featured in their website.
06. Attend many great event like Jakcloth, Wardrobe 2010, Hellofest , Blogger Yard Sale, Brightspot Market, J-town creative junction, Fashion Rocks, opening store of Level One ,Blast from the Past garage sale ,etc.
07. Having fun with my besties at Dunia Fantasi ( this is my 1st time i go there ) and Putri Duyung resort hotel.
08. Bought many shoes from our local brand like Tendencies, Parachute , Robinet.
09. My brother got married .
10. Experiencing a lot of love story that always ends with sadness and regret.
11. Being the winner of Smooch Yogurt competition and got I-pod touch as the prize.

Thanks GOD for all the things that happened in my life in 2010. Hopefully in 2011 more better than this year. Amin...