Monday, July 31, 2006

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

All right my pretties, I know, I know. You've been starving for some fashion goodies. Today the subject is shoes. Usually I like to focus on fashion for the everyday girl-about-town, but today I was on the hunt for beautiful shoes, those that are objets d'art in their own right. Such as...

These lovely things by Marc Jacobs. I love unusual shapes, and these have it. Patent leather is going to be huge this fall, and while I'm not really a fan, I'd get over it for a pair of these babies.

On a more affordable tip, meet the "Mary Kate," my namesake pump! I love how the suede runs over the platform, love the wine color, love the chunky roundness of it. So far it's my must-have shoe for fall, despite its semi-impracticality. $74.95.

Kate Spade "Angie" mules weren't $195, I'd be all over them, too. I used to think I'd never find a cute mary jane that didn't scream "Brooklyn book editor" (no offense to any of that species who might be reading, of course) but these just might be them. Sleek, no?

These YSL wedges, at $590, are even further out of my price range, but this is the kind of shoe that makes me want to dress in all black so everyone has to acknowledge the fabulousness of the shoes. Love the color blocking, and I think maybe it's a rule that everyone must own suede footwear this fall.

Yep, suede. With a splash of color. Hi Pucci! I love you! Please send me your wedge pumps (gratis, as I can't afford the $435 price tag)....

...or maybe your lovely high boots ($950)...

...or even these funky leather ones. I think I might heart those the most, actually. What? You don't give away $750 boots to upstart fashion bloggers? Well, WHY NOT? Don't you know we're a thriving community?

I'm also noticing a lot of leopard print among the designer offerings. Which makes me glad that if I can't have these truly special Giuseppe Zanotti wedges, $495, at least I picked up a pair of leopard-print pumps at the clothing and accessories swap I organized with a few friends a while back. Those were about four inches high, too. (Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.)

These Christian Louboutin mohair pumps are so incredible. They will never be mine, at $710. But a girl can gaze.

I'm also enjoying the thought of these Kate Spade feather flats, $272. What's next? Are we going to see shoes with little googly eyes all over them? Exquisitely arts-and-crafted shoes for all!

Finally, these cute slingbacks are by Steve Madden, they're a bright, candy-colored green, and they've got a big button closure. What more do you need? $99.95 (frankly a bit much) is all.

Tune in tomorrow for a frightening display of the ugliest things you could possibly put on your feet, this side of Crocs. Toodles!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What’s Black and White and Stripey All Over?

Ok, so this isn’t exactly BREAKING! FASHION! NEWS! But stripes are hot, y’all. Especially black and white. I love ‘em, so let’s be emotionally present, people, and live in the now. Let’s think punk/ penitentiary / barbershop pole/ crosswalk/ Sailor Jerry/ Hamburglar chic and celebrate black and white stripes!

Let’s hop to it:

This DVF shirtwaste-style wrap dress is totes punk princessy (especially if you can get your hair to do that, which, regrettably, I can’t). I know, TECHINCALLY, these are “chocolate” stripes (ha. Ew!) but it’s close enough:

($325.00, Diane von Furstenberg,

I love the femmey lace trim on this 3.0 Phillip Lim dress, which was on Net-a-Porter via for $510 but here it is ('zact same dress!) on standardstyle for $250. Ha ha, suckahs!

($250.80, 3.0 Phillip Lim,

If that's way outta yer budge, you po' folks can settle for this Forever 21 kinda-sorta version:

($24, Forever 21)

Or this dressier version:

($44, Romeo & Juliet,

Or this not-at-all-dressy version:


And, if you're totally like "nah brah" to the trendy rugby stripes and you want something more orig-looking, looky this And looky that price! Whut?


Next up: if I could only pick ONE b&w-s item like EVER, it'd have to be this:

So versatile, so snuggly-looking and so sweet. Plus, Jessica Simpson has one, and as a devoted follower of her vapid, busty ways, I wholly support that. (Again, I know it’s navy, but IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, START YOUR OWN BLOG).

Do the Jennifer Beals running-in-place dance in this off-the-shoulder top:

($80, C&C California,

If you're skinny enough to not look totes P.G. in this stripey billowy top, then by all means, go right ahead!

(On sale: $29.99, Lux, Urban Outfitters)

Now, for bottoms, I KNOW you're smart enough to know that it’s NEVER EVER okay to wear striped pants unless you’re Lenny Kravitz, and maybe even then... I obviously don't need to inform you that you should never wear striped separates unless you're in jail. But a striped skirt is totally cool and very Factory Girl:

($14.99, Luella, If you're size 11, lucky you.

And these striped tights are super sexy and won’t make you look like circa 2002 Avril, though have you seen her these days? She went from weak to chic! And congrats on your nups, ladyfriend! (She totally reads this).

($15, Emilio Cavallini,

Anyway, striped accessories are also totally fun, ESPECIALLY if you're NOT wearing other striped items.

Stripes plus hearts? For two bucks?? Now you're cookin' with gas!

Striped bag to put all of your striped purchases in (for later wearings when NOT carrying the striped bag, of course):


Fancier striped bag for when you want to look SUPER awesome: Love the black on white background. WAY smarter than just regular stripes:


And CHEAP striped shoes that would look so cute with black tights and a denim mini:

($22, ummmm...)

Last but totes not least, if your bref is stanks, come correct with this fashionable toothbrush:


Now go paint the town black and white! Kthanksbye!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Feet Don't Fail Me Now

I would just like to briefly brag that I got these cork wedges for the nonprincely sum of $2.99 (down from $38) at the Urban Outfitters on 2nd and 11th (arguably the best one in New York for sales) because one was a half size larger than the other. Luckily, i have two different-size feet, and so: mine, all mine! For less than the price of a decent smoothie! And thanks to the 50-percent-off-redline thing they had going on, I also got a cute off-white linen half-jacket, sorta shabby-chic stylee, for $2.50 (originally $58); some basic round-toe black leather vintage boots, $10 (originally $69); and a black jersey bubble skirt, $5 (originally $48). I don't know who would pay fifty bucks for that skirt, but five? Sure. An entire outfit (assuming I wear the wedges on my hands) for twenty bucks. Love it!

I seem to be on a shoe binge lately, actually. I also picked up the following last week from the sale section at

These simple "Sunshine" sandals, $19.99, earned me the attentions this morning of a foot-fetish man waiting for the 7 train with me. First he told me he liked my shoes, then he started rhapsodizing about how beautiful my feet were, and how the feet took the most abuse, so it really showed that I took care of myself, and oh how beautiful they were. I was polite, then turned up the volume on my iPod. I was secretly glad I had turned the shower back on this morning to rub the blackened dead skin off of my heels, though. My feet did end up looking pretty nice in these shoes. He was right, you see. I do have nice feet. When the 7 let out at Grand Central, I then used my nice feet to propel me at high speed up the escalator and away from foot-fetish man.

And the Prowell sandal, with its floral-patterned footbed, is almost too pretty to wear. I haven't yet. I'm afraid the dirty city is going to ruin the prettiness. I will, though. I got 'em in black, also for $19.99.

See and Be Scene: McCarren Park Pool

I made it out to Williamsburg yesterday for the rock show in the abandoned pool. It is just delightful, moseying around taking pics of people in their ridiculous and delightful outfits. (Uh, the bands were pretty good, too.) I tried to take pics of the fronts of people's ensembles (rather than the backs) when possible, but seriously, when you're taking pictures of people like the man below, it's not like you can fake like you're not seriously appalled.

You're not a DJ, you're just wearing a pink shirt and green pants. All rightie then. What are you, exactly?

Yeah, Williamsburg: not exactly where you go to find the man you'll marry, ladies.

That goes for the gents, too.

Seriously, can anyone explain the sweatband thing to me? It's so very, deeply wrong.

Cause it is possible to stand out without looking like a complete and total jackass, I promise you. This dude proves it with his sharp choice of footwear.

I think this gentleman (yes, it's a dude: I checked) is wearing some sort of spandex shorts that he has cuffed. Or maybe they just got all bunched up when he was slip 'n' sliding.

I'm guessing she was slip 'n' sliding, too. I was mesmerized by this beautiful back piece. Also, have you noticed that state tattoos are everywhere? What would you guys think if I got a line drawing of New Jersey imprinted on my bosom?

I don't know why people don't just wear sunscreen. Isn't it annoying to carry an umbrella? And also, knee socks with boots when the sun is beating down? Guess they do keep the ankles nice 'n' white, though.

Perhaps he just flew in from Iceland? I have no clue. Dude, it's 90 degrees. Why are you wearing a ski vest??

Over on the dodgeball court, the look was almost unanimously shirtless.

The ref was all business.

I really wanted to tell this guy to tie his shoelaces. Nice shoelaces, but dude! You're gonna hurt yourself!

I'm digging this look. He's crisp, clean, and well put-together (and a touch ridiculous). You get a gold-star, boy-scout boy!

Speaking of ridiculous, some of the most delightful fashion is ridiculous, no? Here are some of my faves:

Then there is bad ridiculous:

"Do not" is right.

Hammer pants, really?

On the contrary, these two ladies are effortlessly comfortable. Clashing patterns or looks? Who cares? There's something about them that's just cool as a cucumber.

I also totally heart this miniskirt, which looked like she put it together (or maybe altered it) herself. Though with that look so popular these days, who knows...

And once again, dresses are still white hot:

Finally, in keeping with my bag obsession, a few of my favorite big 'uns from the day:

And by the way, Slate wrote about street fashion blogs. I sort of prefer the guerrilla-style photojournalism, because it means I don't have to talk to people and perhaps reveal my true motives (and because that way I can get pictures of people shoving hot dogs into their mouths), but maybe I should suck it up so you guys can see the outfits better? What do you think?