Monday, November 27, 2006

The Stuff of Dreams

Anyone who's born the burden of shopping with me knows I totes heart a good deal. But as I age... rapidly... I've begun to take pause and consider the opportunity costs of running around the city to save a few bucks -- sometimes it just ain't worth it, y'all. Therefore, today's post is all about fashion dreams -- the gorshwa stuff I'd LIKE to buy, budget be damned, versus the fashion realities of being broke and actually considering scoping out the racks of Conway just to get a fashion fix. Yes, fashion realities are sometimes just THAT grim, not to mention cold and dark.

Dream Booties
(Rafe, Simply Soles)
Totally gorgeous, totally named for Pat Benetar, totally $345. Boo.

Dream Hooker Heels
($495, DAVIS By Ruthie Davis, Shopbop)
If you're me, and you're probably not, but even so, you've probably seen a lot of these heels around lately (at least in magazines). They're DAVIS By Ruthie Davis, and they make me feel like a giddy drag bunny. I LOVE the heel insert:

It's just about as bondage as I can get, which is to say, not very bondage at all, so they're PERFECT. And not to foresake them by mentioning them half a sentence after bondage talk, but both of my grandmothers were named Ruth, so, in way, spending $495 on them would be like... no wait... it'd still be ridiculous. And I know for a fact one of them would've said, and I quote, "You need five-hundred-dollar shoes like I need a hole in the head" over the matter. Nevertheless, they (my grandmas, may they rest in peace) and the shoes, rule.

More or Less Realistic Boots (Depending Upon Which Day You Ask Me
($131, Bronx, FashionNympho)
These boots are lovely, elegant and practical, and they appear just comfy enough that one might not end up limping away all Mira Sorvino-like in that hilarious night club scene in "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" after going just a few blocks. They're definitely a great price, though I have no idea what Fashion Nympho is, and it sorta seems like the sort of site that would definitely make me hesitate to plunk down my debit card number, but hey, if you really wanna save $20 off the price listed here, go for it.

Pumps of My Reality
($69, Seychelles,
Seychelles, these are super cute, and so are you. And I just want to say... thank you AND your most realistic price point ... for being there for me again.

Completely Unrealistic Jacket

(Ziji, Sugar on La Brea)
"But what?" you may be thinking. "Why, there isn't even a price listed! Just HOW could this be a so-called 'dream' item, hmm?" Trust me. I can tell by her icy glare that she's showing off a pricey piece of tailoring right there. I couldn't blame her for that sneer! And while I can't tell if this is the same jacket, it seems as though my genius Internet sleuthing skills have proven me right -- crazy 'spensie. Yet beauts.

Another Untouchable Garment, This Time, A Dress
($394, Lisli, Frankey's)
Throughout history, men have waged war over dresses far less beautiful than this. Okay, they probably haven't, but it sounds like it'd make a believable beginning to one of those old-tymey fables. Anyway, point is, this dress is perfectly delectable.

Two Accessories of the Same Price, Which Is Very Reasonable (Unless You Can Only Afford to Shop at Forever 21)

($70, Emma Gordon London, Stars and Infinite Darkness)
I love this bag and all of the bags she makes. So creative and pretty pretty princess.

And Also $70
(Urban Bloom)
Seriously, this is gorgeous and elegant, and you could get a much more expensive one by Danielle Pittman, but why?

And Finally... More My Speed
($5, Alternative Apparel, Plastic Land Clothing)

Now excuse me while I melodramatically fling myself over an ottoman.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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Sexy Arab

Marwa is a sexy arab pop music star

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Sexy Arab Marwa - Chil idak

Darine Hadchiti

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Darine won the bronze medal in Studio El Fann. She sings now at Diwan El Mir at Chateau Raphael. She signed a contract in 2004 with Lea Production - Anastasia Group.
Sexy Arab

Sexy Arab Darine Hadchiti - Edam EL Kel

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mmmm, Mittens

So, depending where you are right now, you may or may not be experiencing mitten weather. I personally busted out my H&M five-dollah specials, in wacky chartreuese and magenta and lined in fleece, the other day. Alas, they are looking a bit worse for the wear (imagine that! H&M merchandise, breaking down!) and I'm sort of in the market for a new pair. Gloves are fine and dandy but mittens are way more fun, and you can't do any serious tasks with either mittens or gloves on, so you might as well go with the mittens. To the Internet we go!

Fred Flare mittens, $9.99! Want!

Convertible gloves/mittens, see, are all the rage. These Urban Outfitters "marled" mittens are only $18.

Old reliable Gap has a pair of convertible gloves with a fun splash of yellow on sale for $13.65.

Old Navy sweater-knit mitten-gloves, $12.50. Dig that pom-pom!

J. Crew multistripe convertible gloves, $28. (In case the Fred Flares sell out.)

Anthropologie's $78 mittens have detachable arm-warmers, for when you're wearing a T-shirt under your winter coat and the sleeves are kind of open (a frequent problem in my world).

Orla Kiely's mittens look nothing like her trademark pretty prints, but they do look really warm. Sorta like warm oven mitts. Meh. They cost $279. Double meh.

Crowded Teeth convertible gloves, $19.99. Go outside! (That's the gloves talking, not me.)

Pretty bizarre "two-finger" Free People mittens, $78. Huh?

They also have these striped ones, for $38...

...and these elegant cream-and-black ones, if such a word can be applied to mittens, for $48. Still a bit much for knitted mittens if you ask me.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nadine Njeim

Sexy Arab

Nadine Njeim is a sexy arab Model

Nadine Njeim work for famous fashion designers, and often poses for commercials. She like sports, especially swimming, volley-ball and biking. Nadine was elected Miss Lebanon in 2004. The competition began with 16 contestants and ended up with six finalists.

The funny thing is that the first runner-up, Lamitta Franjieh stormed off the stage, refusing to receive her title instead of offering her congratulations.
Sexy Nadine Njeim is 20 and she study Information and Documentation in Lebanon.
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Sexy Arab Nadine Njeim - Miss Lebanon 2004

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Karima Adebibe

Sexy Arab

Karima Adebibe is a sexy arab actress and model

Karima Adebibe was born in London, her dad is Moroccan and her mother is Irish. She lived in Morocco until the age of 7.

Never heard that arab name? Ok listen now...
Sexy Arab

Sexy Karima Adebibe is the new model for Lara Croft, the popular movie and video game Tomb Raider! She has many things in common with Angelina Jolie. They both like to travel, having adventures and doing sports. Karima says: "I also compare myself to Lara and with my dry sense of humour, I think we like to give our men a hard time! Lara Croft is one of the sexiest women on the planet so to be cast as her is such a huge compliment."

Sexy Arab Karima Adebibe interview

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wanted: Rain Boots

I'd like to say this post was created to fill the needs of my partner Tamron, who recently noted that she'd like some new rain boots. Alas, this post is for me. And you. And I guess her. As long as she doesn't buy my No. 1 pick. What I'm looking for, specifically, is rain boots that I can splash through puddles with when it's wet, and that are lined with some sort of fleece so my tootsies can stay warm as the weather gets colder and colder. So what I want, basically, is a boot that doubles as a rain boot and a snow boot. And praise the lord! I think I've finally found it, here:

J. Crew sherpa-lined wellies, $78. So bright and cute! How can you go wrong with penguin-adorned boots? I submit that you cannot. I do have a birthday coming up, you know. Just sayin'.

Some other options, excluding the crazy prints, which I feel are a bit played:

Tretorn wellies in olive green, $78.95. I'm partial lately to the matte look for wellies. Lined in fleece (yay!) and also available in navy, plus...

In shorter sizes! I love a splash of color on a rainy day, and these shorter Tretorn orange wellies (still fur-lined) fit the bill. On sale for $51 at Delia's.

Cougar Trixy boot, $55.95. Subtly cool, methinks. Not lined though. And perhaps a bit too sporty on the bottoms. Also available in navy and brown.

If you want to be a little bit ridiculous, these bright yellow wedge rain boots are the ticket. $63.95. I definitely dig these but you probably wouldn't be able to tuck any but your tightest, skinniest jeans into 'em.

Tamara Henriques toile boots, $118. Well that's a bit steep for rain boots, but these are pretty classy for print boots (by the way, Coach has a pretty ugly entry in that category).

Evercreatures matte purple wellies, 29 pounds. I'd pay overseas shipping for these cuties.

How funny would it be if you got thigh-high waders?? Honestly, I think they'd be useful when you're slogging up the street in a rainstorm. And hilarious.

Finally, love these pics of wellies at a festival in England.....

Happy splashing!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nawal Zoghbi

Sexy Arab

Nawal Zoghbi is a sexy arab famous singer
Nawal Zoghbi began singing at an early age, despite familial opposition to the lifestyle of a musician but her family changed their minds when they realised that she was serious in her ambitions. Nawal Zoghbi admits that singing means more to her as a creative outlet than as a business bent on raking in big bucks.

"When I am singing, I am no longer Nawal Zoghbi, I am transformed into a butterfly that is free and happy and when I see that happiness reflected in the audience's faces as we party together, this is the connection that is my greatest reward."
Sexy Nawal Zoghbi has released a song dedicated to the palestinian cause. "Okay, so I can't carry a gun and fight like a man, but I felt so strongly concerned about the relentless violence, that I had to do something, so I made the song," she states.
Sexy Arab

Sexy Arab Nawal Zoghby - Elly Itmanneito

Maya Nasri

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Maya Nasri is a sexy arab singer star
Unlike many female singers in the arab world, Maya Nasri was encouraged by her family to enter the domain of singing and never had to struggle to convince them.

Stardom did not change Maya Nasri, she is still modest and simple in her relationships with others. Sexy Maya Nasri say's: "till date I go about town as a normal person, forgetting that I am famous, and it still surprises me sometimes, that people recognize me and start talking to me, for a moment I try to remember if I know this person?!!. Then I realize that this person is a fan that recognizes me from TV. It feels great to be loved by people, yet sometimes it takes away your privacy."
Sexy Arab

Sexy Arab Maya Nasri - Akhbarak

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Haifa Wehbe

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Haifa Wehbe is a sexy arab Singer and Top Model
Known for her dazzling beauty and sensuality, fun and harmonious music, many consider her one of the most beautiful young women in the arab World.

Sexy Haifa Wehbe has had nearly two decades of accomplishments. At 16, she won the title of Miss South Lebanon and has been a cover girl ever since. Haifa put out two records, Howa el Zaman and Badi Aish, and four million readers of Al Jamhouria newspaper voted her the Best Young Arabic Female Singer in 2004. Since then, Wehbe become a total media personality.

Sexy Arab

Sexy Arab Haifa Wehbe - Ana Haifa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Doctor is IN?

Whoa. Have Doc Martens gone fashion? The shoes most often seen on 80s punks (and the 00s punks who love them) and pimply junior-high kids everywhere now seem to be boasting a certain upmarket appeal, having expanded beyond their standard clodhopper boot. Don't believe me? Check it out:

Dana knee-high boot, $140.

Chloe slouchy boot, $130. Mmmmm, me likey.

Slate knee-high boot, $140.

Re-Boot tall boot, $153.95.

And my own personal pick: the Stephanie boot, featuring "butt seaming." Sexy!

Some of these boots are not quite there yet, but I think they're headed in the right direction, much like Dr. Scholl's, another formerly niche company that is now courting the fashion-forward. Not to worry, however: Doc Martens still produce some fantastically ugly shoes. To wit:

Springtime boot, $118.95.

Red velvet boot, $153.95.

And on and on, as you can imagine.