Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sexy G-String, Madrid

Sexy G-String, Madrid. Sexy G-String from Lola Luna. Imported from France, this Lola Luna G-String features floral embroidery and elegant jewel accent. Makes a very unique gift.
sexy g-string picture.
sexy lingerie picture.

Fine French G-String, Malaga

Fine French G-String, Malaga
Fine French G-String, Malaga. Exquisite Lola Luna G-Strings imported from France. This fine French G-Strings features fine embroidery on sexy sheer mesh. The perfect unique lingerie gift!
sexy g-string picture.
sexy lingerie picture.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Best Selling Sexy G-String PO382

Best Selling Sexy G-String PO382
Our best selling Lola Luna g-String PO382. This sexy g-string features open front with bead detailing.
sexy lingerie picture.
sexy g-string picture.

Strappy Sexy Lingerie Teddy

Strappy Sexy Teddy sexy lingerie
Incredibly sexy, strappy teddy features erotic sheer mesh with sexy lace and strappy design. Imported from Europe. An elegant lingerie gift with sex appeal!
sexy lingerie picture.

Jewels: Big, Bold, Funky, Chunky

Ok. I actually hate the word "funky" in almost any and all circumstances (when Melora in "Ghost World" uses it, that pretty much sums up everything I hate about it and the people who use it a lot), but it rhymed with "chunky, " so fuck it.

Anyway, so, seeing "that blue and black Marni necklace" EVERYWHERE, (Behindbigglasses tried to make their own! Respek!) I can't help but want that a billion other big-ass pieces -- primarily necklaces -- of stone, wood, leather, Perspex, Lucite and any or all combos of mixed materials therein. Viva la statement pieces!

And so, my obsession begins:
($972, Marni, Net-a-porter.com)
Alas, just a wee bit out of my price range.

($730, Marni)
Pure beauty. Love the grey.

Jewelry designer Ligia Dias basically rules. She's barely 30 and she's already designed jewelry for Lanvin, and she's collaborated with Comme des Garçons and Phillip Lim. Good luck getting your hands on her stuff though, unless you live near a Holt Renfrew or are in a position to drop by Dover Street Market or Colette on your way home from work. Refinery29 also did a piece on her. Sigh and swoon.

($695, Erickson Beamon, Net-a-porter.com)
You really don't need more than a solid tank top with a necklace like this. Well, that and pants.

($477, Erickson Beamon, Electricladyland.com)
Ok, so this is a little wack, but so is BEING BORING.

($240, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Net-a-Porter.com)
So speaking of boring, this bow necklace would be nothing spesh if it were made of plastic, but it's made of LEATHER which makes it way more amazing and unexpected. And amazing.

($48, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Shopbop.com)
Love this Marc By Marc Jacobs ring...

($58, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Shopbop.com)
But not as much as I love this Marc By Marc Jacobs tortoiseshell '80s pin. I've been craving this fucker for a fortnight.

Link($55, Createdestroyrebuild, Maleorderonly.com)
This stuff is allegedly for the menfolks, but whatevs. Strong enough for a man, rad enough for the ladies, I say! And check out the Gameboy/girl. Tee!

($49, Buyghostly.com)
Cute widdle ghosty!

($75, Pethypothesis.com)
Cute -- AND made from reclaimed billboard vinyl! Wee!

($80, Isharya)
Loves. Fin!

Sexy Lingerie Silk Sheer Shirt

Sexy Lingerie Silk Sheer Shirt
Sexy Sheer Shirt, item 30075. Sexy Lingerie from Shirley of Hollywood like this Sexy Silk Sheer Shirt trimmed with solid silk collar and cuffs with button-down front. Match with either our best selling Eyelash Thong Teddy, item 2532, or Stretch Lace Bodysuit, item 2896, for an incredibly sexy lingerie ensemble! Shown with Sexy Silk Thong.
sexy lingerie picture.

Best Selling sexy Lingerie Lola Luna G-String PO382

sexy lingerie
Lola Luna G-Strings, Best Selling G-String PO382. Sexy French Lingerie, this g-string features open front with pearl accent.
Sexy lingerie Picture.

Sexy Lingerie Falbala G-String, Lola Luna

Beautiful jewelled g-strings from Lola Luna of France. The Falbala g-string features beautiful pink embroidery on white lace. This beautiful imported g-string makes the perfect unique lingerie gift!
sexy lingerie picture.

sexy lingerie Arianne Penelope Long Gown

sexy lingerie picture Arianne Penelope Long Gown
Arianne Penelope Long Gown Chemise. The Penelope Long Gown is among our Best Selling Long Gown and features sheer stretch mesh adorned with an eye-catching lace motif in soft silhouettes and trimmed with scalloped lace. Offered in a variety of styles, Penelope embodies a sweet sexiness.
sexy lingerie picture.

Sexy Lingerie: Sexy Bustier. Shirley 29039.

Sexy Lingerie: Sexy Bustier. Shirley 29039
Sexy BustierWomen's sexy bustier, item 29039. Bustier features sexy embroidered under wired cups and sexy multi-ribbon lace up front, stretch mesh back with hook & eye closure and adjustable straps. Comes with matching G-string and 6 removable garters. Colors: Black, White. Sizes: 32-34-36-38. Shown with No. 5001 Stockings and No. 219 Gloves.
sexy lingerie picture.

Broke & Skinny

You may not be rich, but at least you can LOOK skinny with the aid of skinny jeans, right ladies? I mean, HELLOOOO! Priorities! Live fast and fuck dieting: just suck it in and charge these slimifying pants! Wee!

Pooooor Posh. If only she were A LITTLE thinner, she could totally be my thinspiration. But, until she sheds at least 15 pounds (at LEAST!), she'll have to remain a heifer. I do love her jeans though. They're by Superfine:

($287, Superfine, Brownsfashion.com)

($260, Superfine, Net-a-porter.com)
A nice winter wash!

($108, Citizens Of Humanity, Net-a-porter.com)
LOVE these. They'd look so cute with some black boots and a purple and black flannel.

($235, Sass & Bide, Net-a-porter.com)

($226, Judi Rosen, Shopbop.com)
I know I've said that I'm basically anti colored jeans, but I will defend my hypocrisy by saying the following: these aren't some ridiculous color usually reserved for ice cream or emergency vehicles. Blue is a NATURALLY OCCURRING shade of denim. And these are adorable.

($321, Twenty8Twelve, Asos.com)
No, Sienna Miller really doesn't need the $300 or whatever percentage of each sale she receives. But these are HAWT.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Comfy Cardis!

My cardigan and knit obsession continues, especially in goes-with-anything greys and blacks. Here are several cardis, sweaters and other knits I so deeply desire:

($150, Clue, Satineboutique.com)
But will I look as pouty and impossibly small-waisted if I buy this?

($306, Alexander McQueen, Shopbop.com)
I normally can't stand wearing clothes with brands plasted across them, but this isn't too obvious. Plus, graffiti = funs!

($228, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Shopbop.com)
This is so effin' cute. Subtle too. Deeeelightful!

($235, L.A.M.B., Shopbop.com)
Due to the placement of the knit straps, I'd prolly advise not wearing this is you're over a small B-cup, lest your boobs push the belts so far to the sides that they get swallowed up by your pits. Regardless, I sorta love the lederhosen vibe this cute little sweater gives off.

($63, Priorities, Bluefly)
A striped, zippy hoodie cardi is such a necessity that they even named it PRIORITIES!

($194, Nom*D, Refinery29.com)
One for the dudes! I'm sorta unsure how I feel about longer stuff on dudes (save for a nice 3/4-length coat, but I guess this is sorta similar.

($245, C&C California, Shopbop.com)
Can you make it through the winter without a dark cashmere cardigan? (Or a reasonable facsimile -- a reasonable facsimile being at least $150 less and probably NOT cashmere?) No. No you cannot.

($258, Juicy Couture, Nordstrom)
Love the dainty little ruffling -- usually I HATE ruffles, but this is just non-intrusive enough. And I love the heather grey version too.

($29, Target)
I realized most of the stuff I posted was well above the FB affordable standard, so here's one from Ol' Faithful, Targz.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jeweled Clutches!

Ay mami! I've been sitting on this topic for so long my ass hurts. No excuses! Post time! So many jeweled clutches, so few occassions to use a jeweled clutch!

Let's start with the completely unattainable ones, shall we?

($1890, Devi Kroell, Net-a-Porter.com)
Amazing. Too bad Devi Kroell didn't feature any of these in her Target collection.

($2,495, Leiber, Neiman Marcus)
A piece of art, I tell you! Sadly, just a few thou outta my tax bracket.

($580, Burberry, Net-a-Porter.com)
Oh mah stars. Love the geometrical designzorz.

($1255, Burberry)
Ah... Burberry. You tease, you! So close yet so far away.

($98, Steve Madden, Macys)
Oh Steve Madden. You make lovin' fun!

Not bad atall. I like the different jewel types.

($28, Lulus)
Super cute, and I love the zipper pocket on the back! Lulus done does it again!

($45, Shopintuition.com)
Easy peasy! Love the purple one.

($38 Buy It Now, eBay)
OMG. LOVE. Need. Might... buy. But I already have a green clutch. But can you EVER have enough green clutches, I ask?

($133, Dazeddorothy.co.uk)
I can't decide if this is cute or a mini trainwreck... like, not a complete wreck, but more of a derailment.

($55, Betsey Johnson, Amazon)
I've blogged about this before, and now I'm blogging 'bout it again because I still want it. Wah!

($33, Asos.com)
Love love love. And no, it's not jeweled -- technically it's "plated," -- but it's close enough.

No, it's not a clutch, but it is jeweled, and it IS ridiculous, and I DO love it.