Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nature Breeze

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Sunday Morning ...
I love seeing the natural beauty in the morning. Green grass, weeds, blue sky with white clouds, birds flying, and the sun had just risen.

Today I did a photoshoot in the midst of natural beauty. Very exciting and fun. I wear thrifted nude blazer (I love this color), printed white tee, rolled-up pants and one of my favorite shoes " Marc " by Robinet Wonders with a unique design because there are fringe with brown color. And also nerd glasses as an accessory. Also don't miss a small sling bag that I got from 16DS (a local brand). Actually the bag instead of plastic bags when I buy products from them.
Have a great weekend ...

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Davidelfín Autumn/Winter 2011 “Diogenes Syndrome”

The Diogenes syndrome, which can also be called senile squalor syndrome, was noted in 1966 as a disorder that is characterized by self-neglect, anti-social behavior, hoarding, and other such compulsions

The disorder derived its name from the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope (modern-day Turkey)—a Cynic and minimalist.

Diogenes was bold character, who never feared going against the grain or attacking corruption.

He finally moved to the big metropolis of Athens to defy the city-state system, advocating the return to the simplicity of nature.

His name has since resurfaced throughout the millennia in literature, art, and now fashion!

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Davidelfin.

Davidelfín Spring/Summer 2011 “Tautology”

David Elfín entered the world of fashion through painting, which permeates every collection.

When the label was created in 2001 by Bimba Bosé; Deborah, Gorka, and Diego Postigo; and David Elfín, the team based it on the media of photography, architecture, and video as they seek to heighten the emotions of their audience.

For spring/summer 2011, Davidelfin has prepared a collection entitled “Tautology.”

The Free Online Dictionary defines ‘tautology’ as:

a. Needless repetition of the same sense in different words; redundancy.
b. An instance of such repetition.
2. Logic An empty or vacuous statement composed of simpler statements in a fashion that makes it logically true whether the simpler statements are factually true or false; for example, the statement Either it will rain tomorrow or it will not rain tomorrow.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos Copyright Davidelfin.

Francis Montesinos—Still Pulling out the Surprises!

Francis Montesinos Gil was born 1950 in Valencia, Spain, and has worked in a wide spectrum of fields, including cinema, ballet, theater, graphic design, perfume, and fashion.

His works draw heavy on Spanish folklore and its Mediterranean roots as he reinterprets and personalizes them to suit modern society.

See the collection here.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Roberto Verino—the Picasso of Spanish Fashion

(Manuel) Roberto Verino was born 1945 in Verín, Ourense, Spain, and began showing his collections at Madrid’s Cibeles just two years after having studied Fine Arts and Business in Paris.

Now nearly 30 years later, Roberto has received awards like best designer of Spain and has launched a line of eyewear, as well as fragrances, watches, ceramics, and wines.

Simple and sophisticated, Roberto Verino designs are infused with romance and culture.

Noteworthy is Verino’s guiding principle in life—the words of Picasso: “Inspiration is very important but it should find you hard at work when it arrives.”

Check out the autumn/winter 2011 collection here.

Photos Copyright Getty Images, Used

Devota & Lomba at Cibeles Madrid

Devota and Modesto Lomba are not new to the fashion scene but rather launched their career in 1986, going on to win numerous awards.

After the death of Luis Devota, Modesto carried the baton entering into men’s under garments and swimwear.

Devota and Lomba can be characterized by architecture, deconstruction, and a dark palette with dashes of color that highlight detail.

See the autumn/winter 2011 collection here.

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Victorio & Lucchino and the Soul of Seville

The label Victorio & Lucchino embraces the spirit of Andalusia where it was born, a crossroads of Christian, Arab, and Jewish cultures.

Victorio & Lucchino was founded by José Víctor Rodríguez Caro and José Luis Medina del Corral during the 1970’s when Seville was undergoing an artistic revival, which is characterized by this fashion label.

See the 2011 autumn/winter collection here.

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Shawl Effect

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From several photo above shows that the shawl had different effects on our appearance.
I strongly

all photos from

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ANNTIAN Autumn/Winter 2011 “Crystal Inside”

“Crystal Inside” carries away from cold, icy winter days outside with crystal clear air and gives in the longing for coziness and comfort -for being inside.

The Interior of one’s home is in focus now—there are all these things that make you feel at home and comfortable that allows you to contemplate.

Objects you’ve come across over the years and that happened to be beloved ones. Things of no real value, just full of “meaning”, thoughts and memories of your own... Pillows, books, rugs and blankets, plants, stoles, tea & pastries...

On this basis graphic elements of the collection are inspired by ornaments, patterns of rugs, crystals, geometric arrangements to be found in “still lifes”.

Colors are earthy, brown tones, black and white, plus strong highlights like red and pale neon green, accompanied by a fresh pale blue.

Patterns are based on the approach of “involving” blankets and scarves in garments and silhouettes - patterns developed out of “wrapped” blankets.

The composition: series of wool coats, jackets and trousers…some printed jerseys, and an ensemble of knit, being important in the line.

Alongside the clothing line the collection includes pillows, blankets, rugs, printed porcelain dishes & tea sets, plus the crystal-porcelain jewelry line and the winter boot.

See the whole collection here.

Photos & text Copyright ANNTIAN.

Courteney Cox Relax for Swim in the Pool in Hawaii

Courteney Cox picture gallery Relax for Swim in the Pool in Hawaii
It's a hard life being an internationally famous actress.

Just ask poor old Courteney Cox who not only had to work on the idyllic island of Hawaii but then had the misfortune of being able to relax in the sun between scenes. And even when filming was over, she couldn't resist one final dip in the pool before heading back to Los Angeles.

Cox, 46, was snapped enjoying her final day on the island relaxing by the pool with her six-year-old daughter Coco yesterday. The pair swam and larked about together as they cooled off from the hot Hawaiian sun in the water. (source :

Courteney Bass Cox (born June 15, 1964) is an American actress, who first achieved fame for her role as Monica Geller on the NBC sitcom Friends.

Courteney Cox wraps filming in Hawaii with daughter Coco and co-star Brian Van HoltCourteney Cox in micro black bikini gallery

Laurie G in a School Girl Beach Bikini (MS Collection) in Hawaii Beach

Laurie G wear a Malibu String bikini collection (School girl Beach Bikini) in Hawaii beach. Beautiful iridescent plaid print. She said in Malibustring site : 'Girls you have got to consider this bikini, the little front is awesome for tanning and creates quite a stir when you walk by and the scrunchie back is always comfortable while still showing off your assets. ' (source : here)

click on thumbnail for full size

Laurie G in School Girl Beach Bikini (MS Collection) in Hawaii BeachLaurie G picture gallery in a School Girl Beach Bikini (MS Collection) in Hawaii Beach

Laurie G on vacation in Hawaii Beach wears a print bikini collection

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

L.G.R RAW Limited Edition

The Raw limited edition is the combination of a rough, unpolished frame with a sophisticated polarized lens, developed exclusively for L.G.R.

The visual contrast can be seen through the combination of the dark opaque frames and deep blue mirrored lenses.

Offering the latest techniques in mineral glass production, this collection makes for a unique eyewear experience.

The collection consists of 4 models, presented all together in an elegant black leather case. Each style is limited to 100 pieces.

The distinctive element of this limited edition is the “L.G.R Pola.Neophan” lenses, which were specifically developed for L.G.R.

Neophan lenses were invented in the 1940’s for fighter pilots, in order to increase the vision’s perception of color and the contrast of image (color enhancement).

This is possible through the chemical element neodymium, which is added to the fusion of glass.
It allows light transmission to be selectively filtered, therefore enhancing certain colors and contrast.

Check out the models here.

Photos & text Copyright L.G.R.

van Laack—130 Years of Tailor-Made Excellence

The van Laack label was established in 1881 by Heinrich van Laack and two partners who had a vision to produce luxury shirts.

By the 1920’s van Laack shirts had already forged the way to a reputation of “the royal shirt.”

Since that time the company has been acquire by Heinrich Hoffman in 1953 and Christian von Daniels in 2002.

Now, van Laack is sold in over 50 countries!

Have a look at more images here.

Photos Copyright van Laack.

I Do

Where women who do not yield if there is a guy who applied to become a wife by singing this song. Hmmmmm .... someday I'll sing this song to apply for someone who I really love:)

I love the song Marry You, sung by Bruno Mars. Especially when the song was used as cover versions by the Glee Cast. I love it!

Kate Hudson in a tiny White Bikini in Mexican beach

Kate Hudson in white bikini with a colourful sarong and beaded necklace in sexy bikini blog
She's six months pregnant with her second child, and is clearly thrilled with her changing body.

Kate Hudson proudly displayed her burgeoning bump as she enjoyed a Mexican beach holiday with her boyfriend, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy, and her seven-year-old son Ryder yesterday. Looking radiant, Kate, 31, accessorised her tiny white bikini with a colourful sarong and beaded necklace. (source :

Kate Garry Hudson (born April 19, 1979) is an American actress. She came to prominence in 2001 after winning a Golden Globe and receiving several nominations, including a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in Almost Famous.

Kate hudson in mexican beach holiday with boyfriend Matt Bellamy and son Ryderkate hudson pregnant second child in photo picture gallery

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heutchy—A Nice Story about Shoes…and More

Heutchy is the brainchild of Wells Stelberger, who aims at designing timeless footwear for men, who desire attire-appropriate shoes for any time of the day.

Wells draws inspiration from the photos of Bruce Davidson, who in the 50’s captured the life and times of young Brooklyn boys.

Several designers that appear on Men’s Fashion by Francesco collaborate with Heutchy, such as Timo Weiland, Shipley and Halmos, and Native Son.

The name Heutchy is the last name of Wells’ maternal grandfather, whom he never met but wishes to honor through this line.

See the entire line here.

Photos spring/summer 2001 collection , Copyright Heutchy, Courtesy CJ Swanton PR.

Want to Look Sexy as an Aussie: Try Tribe!

After years of research, Tribe was launched in 2008 as an underwear label that would make men look sexy and masculine, all the while feeling soft and comfortable.

Since the underwear line resembled swimwear, Tribe launched their line of swim suits a year later.

Now, this 100% Aussie brand has launched a collection of swimwear for spring/summer 2011 that should be a major hit in the Europe!

The collection ranges from simple geometric styles to Hawaiian patterns, all in several cuts.

The swim shorts with the contrasting waistband are particularly fun for the beach, but as a competitive swimmer my favorites are the swim briefs!
Have a look at more sexy swimwear here.

Photos Copyright Tribe.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Urban Legend

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This afternoon I went to Kota Tua to create a new photoshoot. This is the second time I went there. Lots of nice places to be used as a location photoshoot. Not one that many brides whomake pre wedding photos here. Here is also often used as a place-making video clips.

I found a site that fits here and I choose the background of the wall of a building that was nearly destroyed. Color the walls a mixture of orange and baby pink.

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I wear a t-shirt from a local brand called Giffa Ind. About three days ago I get it for free. Love the shirt, really comfortable. Thank you once again Giffa Ind.

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