Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BLACK BOOK SEPTEMBER 2010 Terminal Preppies by Seiji Fujimori

The Music & Fashion Project by Kilian Kerner

When one mentions the German designer Kilian Kerner, there is so much to say!

Before entering the fashion business, Kilian studied drama in Cologne, which graphically graces each of his productions.

Yet when it comes down to styling, Kilian designs in such a way that the wearer is anything but acting!

Drawing inspiration from the emotional realm, Kilian’s signature consists of sleek androgyny as he allows contrasting opposites to define his look.

Attracted to the past, especially the era of Dandyism, Kilian has refused to allow time to dictate his menswear collections.

He established his eponymous label in 2004, having gained the reputation for mixing music and fashion.

His first fashion-music mix took place in 2005 with Berlin band “Bad Habbits,” followed by a performance with “Splinter X.”

Popularity led Kilian to establish a project entitled “Fashion and Music,” whereby a song is written for a specific collection.

For spring/summer 2011, longstanding friend and singer Ben Ivory wrote Flieg zum Mond und bleib hier (‘Fly to the Moon’), which was recently performed at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Check out the entire collection here or watch the video.

Photos Copyright Dan & Corina Lecca at Berlin Fashion Week.

Whyred—the Indie Superlabel

Whyred is all about Modism, which publicist Peter Meaden (1941-1978) defined as “clean living under difficult circumstances.”

Undergirded by art and music, the Whyred twist on Modism entails sartorial tailoring in the great metropolis for fashion-conscious urban dwellers.

Founded in 1999 by several friends—Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson Keller and Jonas Clason—Whyred drew its name from chief designer Roland Hjort’s grandfather, Sven “X,” who was a Swedish artist:

Known for his use of a wide variety of colors, Sven was once asked in a radio interview about his favorite color. “Red,” he retorted. “Why red,” the journalist questioned. “Well, blue then,” the artist replied.

For spring/summer 2011, Whyred features birds in flight—a symbol of hope and dreams portrayed by multi-colored and -textured plumage.

The collection then plunges us to the darkest depths of the ocean and upward again as rays of light pierce the surface in an resurrection-like experience.
Visit the whole collection here.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

September Wish

Hello readers, we've passed in August and tommorow is a new month " September ". Time flies too fast, right ???? Here are my wish list in September :

01. Have a new digital camera .
02. Have a new shoes.
03. Have a new job in better place than now.

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Sayonara August and welcome to September
Nite all...

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2010 Campaign

Beautifully Bad by Kirt Reynolds / Exclusive Featuring Brian Wood

Milan Fashion Week: Byblos Spring Summer 2011

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Jean//Phillip Spring Summer 2011

2xist Underwear Fall Winter 2010

Ash Stymest and Lindsey Wixon by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Galliano Fall Winter 2010 Campaign

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lagom—Designed for Music!

Designer Nette Sanström and Daniel Adams-Ray founded Lagom as a joint venture to create stage clothes for Daniel’s band. Since then, Jakob Hedberg has joined the creative team.

The 2011 spring/summer collection is entitled “Dawn,” which takes us to hues of Nairobi daybreak!

Fabrics are sourced from Kenya and Tanzania and span a range of colors from bright Masai red and Green Lagoon to Savannah Yellow.

Motifs draw inspiration from the safari, such as leopards, giraffes, and hummingbirds, which are not limited to reserves and parks but also found in safaris.

Just as Kenya weds traditional and modern cultures, Lagom marries fashion and music in a sunrise of contemporary styles and wildlife textures.

Click here to see the entire collection.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The Local Firm, Revisiting the Eastern Bloc

The Local Firm is a Swedish brand that is inspired by the vintage art and architecture of the former Eastern Bloc, particularly the German Bauhaus Movement.

Based in Stockholm, the Local Firm was launched in 2007 by Richard Hutchinson and Axel Nyhage as “a contrast of status” in garments and materials, which, combined, are then reinvented.

Like many Swedish designs, the Local Firm strives for wearability and functionality.

In additional to denim wear, the Local Firm produces fine eyewear.

View the collection here.

Photos Courtesy Stockholm Fashion Week, Copyright Kristian Loveborg.

Shoot and Blast

Just a few days again, i have a new digital camera !!!

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James Guardino for Undergear Fall Winter 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Eternal Values of Filippa K

After completing her education in London, Swedish designer Filippa Knutsson returned to Stockholm in the 1980’s to work for Gul& Blå, where she spent 6 years, first, as buyer and, then, as product manager.

Together with Patrik Kihlborg, she established Filippa K in 1993, running the operation out of their home.

The Filippa K Man collection was launched 5 years later. The line is fashionable, sophisticated, and targeted for the modern-day urban male.

Based in Stockholm today, Filippa K is sold in 20 countries with 750 retails around the world.

Filippa affirms that she stands by what she does and she bases her label on the concepts of style, simplicity, and quality.

The style is edgy; the simplicity is timeless; the quality reaches every detail.

The Filippa K collection for 2010 autumn/winter sets a tone that is somber yet emotionally reflective, resigned to pensive thought.
Have a complete look at the collection here.

Read the press release and watch the film by following this link.

Photo Copyright Filippa K.

Fashion Week Stockholm: Filippa K S/S 11

For spring/summer 2011, Filippa K revisits the graphic look of the early nineties with a relaxed modern twist.

The look is sleek, minimalistic, and without needless details, except for a splash of refreshing color.

The feel is casual with the signature elements of style, simplicity, and quality.

Click here to see the image gallery.

Photos Courtesy & Copyright Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.