Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sexy See-Thru Micro-Mini Bikini Swimwear

Mini Bikini SwimwearMini Bikini Swimwear1

WOW! Elegant and Sexy at the same time! Is it what you have been looking for all along? The entire bikini is hand-made. The top tides at the neck and the back. The bottom is side-tie, and the back is V-back.



Wow! You won't find another teardrop bikini that is smaller than this one. The material is metallic see-thru. You are going to melt all the men on the beach! Great for the one night special as well. Not extreme enough? We also have this one in SEE THROUGH.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Last Purchase Before Vacay!

That's right, I'm off to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where I'll be in tennis pinks when I'm not lazing on the beach. (I believe we're playing at the local high school, not some fancy country club). Check out my new gear:

Nike "Serena" tennis skirt, $36.99. Flouncy!

I also have this hilarious hat/visor/headband creation, which I purchased for $2 at some crappy store's going-out-of-business sale. It makes me giddy with happiness, simply because it is soooooo ridiculous. See?

Have a good week, bingers!

FB gets a little smaller...

And that's because todays post is coming to you courtesy of the modern miracle of mini internet in your hand, also known as my new (albeit soon to be returned because it's just a tester) blackberry. It is both new to me and the new model. Since I've got nothing to compare it to, I am still hung up on the amazing fact that they managed to make the innerweb so adorably wee! 1999 never looked so small! Anyway since its taking me the better part of a day just to type this graph alone- this after one post was accidentally erased after I confused back page for backspace, I must make a few important announcements. First I'm soooo sorry I've been awol from the binge. I'm sure a. You've noticed and b. You've missed my acerbic wit and overuse of the non-word "morts." My absence has been due, y'all, to the fact that I've been seeing my fare share if the clock striking 9 then 10 and even 11 -- p.m. That is -- at work lately. While work does often allow me to indulge in fashion blogging (for money! w00t!), its left me no time for fashion bingeing. Wah! Anyway now I am sitting in o'hare airport - the crown jewel of chicagoland airports! - awaiting a flight to magical, magestical michigan, MK is en route to somewhere in the southland that involves golf carts, tennis whites and, uh, prolly lotsa white people. That means we're on a small binge break until the middle of next week, when we'll be back with a mind-melting, brain-busting vomitous vengeance! So binge hard in our absence and think of us as we paddle about in the pristine pools of the northwest Midwest and or sip spiked sodas with our non-legally bound in-laws in some southern country club somewhere. Toodles poodles!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Malibu Crystal String Bikini

Malibu Crystal String BikiniMalibu Crystal String Bikini1

Malibu Crystal String Bikini pictureMalibu Crystal String Bikini picture1

To escape the chill of winter in the Las Vegas desert, my husband and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas for a little rest and relaxation. It was also the perfect excuse to wear my malibu string bikinis while soaking in the warm sun, sipping margaritas on the soft sand. This Malibu Crystal String Bikini is one of my favorites. In these photos, I am wearing a small top and a classic bottom in size small. Buenos Dias! Sexy Brazil Bikini, Sexy Celebrities Bikini, Sexy MalibuString Bikini, Sexy G-String Bikini.
Malibu Strings

Pink Sparkle Sheer suit

 Pink Sparkle Sheer suit Pink Sparkle Sheer suit1

 Pink Sparkle Sheer suit picture Pink Sparkle Sheer suit picture1

When the sweltering heat of the summer's sun bears down on me, I escape to the cooler waters of Lake Havasu or our serene pool for relief. This Pink Sparkle Sheer suit is like wearing next to nothing but still leaves a little for the imagination and some fun! I'm wearing a small top and string back bottom.

Super Sexy See-Thru Mini Tube Dress

Super Sexy See-Thru Mini Tube DressSuper Sexy See-Thru Mini Tube Dress1

This super sexy dress uses TOTALLY see-through mesh. It will fit approx 4'8 to 5'10. Model is 5'6". The top has elastic band to hold it in place. It fits size extra small to medium. Great as beach-wear, party-wear, club wear, hot date. If you like, you can also wear it as a long skirt.

Black Lilly American Side-Tie Bikini

Black Lilly American Side-Tie BikiniBlack Lilly American Side-Tie Bikini picture

This beautiful floral print is both feminine and subtle with just a touch of the tropics. Our American cut bikinis offer more coverage on both the tops and bottoms. Side-ties are adjustable. The soft nylon/spandex fabric is fully lined. Sold as separates.


Our hottest slingshot bikini is now available in see-thru material. Micro-Mini slingshot bikini, Tiny, sexy & hot! You will be a hit at any beach! Can be swimwear / swimsuit or wear it as erotic lingerie in your bedroom for a romantic night!

Scarlet American Side-Tie Bikini

Scarlet American Side-Tie Bikini pictureScarlet American Side-Tie Bikini picture1
This deep red solid bikini is a classic with a bit of an attitude. Our American cut bikinis offer more coverage on both the tops and bottoms. Side-ties are adjustable. The soft nylon/spandex fabric is fully lined. Sold as separates.

Price-Slashing at Steve Madden

What are people's experience with Steve Madden? I have a pair of ballet flats from several years ago that are very comfy and my favorite ever, nice soft leather, etc. But I've tried on some Steve Madden shoes that were horrifyingly painful the second I put them on my feet, and have since stayed far, far away. So. But some of these shoes are quite nice...and very much on sale. Clearance, in fact. And amazingly, the prices are getting lower BY THE HOUR. Read on!

Love the shape, the color, the heel height -- indeed, everything -- about this shoe. Including the price! Which by the way was $60 more this morning when I started this post! How low can you go, Steve Madden? Steve Madden "Laidback" pump, $29.99 (down from $189.95!).

Funky! And is that navy piping I spy with my little eye? Steve Madden "Weekend" patent flats, $29.99, down from $209.95 (!!), and down even further from $69.95 when last I checked!

Cute and sophisticated: Steve Madden Twillo flat, $39.99.

Steve Madden "Business" flats, $39.99. Yes, you do need another pair of flats, especially if they're this cute.

Modest heel, cute color combo, slingback: can't miss, right? Steve Madden "Devyn" slingbacks, $39.99.

And here's a kicky Mary Jane in a fun color that I bet I'd wear the shit out of if I ever purchased it, which I probably won't: Steve Madden "Helgaa" pumps, $69.99.

Last, and frankly least (in more ways than one), some cheapy, casual flats: Steve Madden "Sayler" fabric flats, $19.99.

As always, your thoughts and advice appreciated, in los comments.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I?

A problem has come up: I actually like a Brooklyn Industries bag! It's from their new Heritage Collection. Don't ask me what that means. I don't think they look particularly like grandma bags.

Heritage H bag in Circles, $68. (UPDATE: You can get the "large H" bag for ten bucks more, but as I discovered in the store tonight, the smaller version is plenty roomy. I recommend it over the bigguns, especially with such a large print. Also: After inspecting this bag in person, I think I'm totally going to purchase it. Yay!)

So, I love the pattern (all of the patterns, actually, but especially the circles), the shape, the general fun vibe of it. And so many useful pockets and stuff! But is it worth $68 to see every fifth girl on Smith Street with the same bag? Your opinion, please, in the comments!

And the also-ran patterns and shapes:

Lexy bag in Stripes, $60.

Tote bag in Draft, $56.

H bag in Geo, $68.

Lexy bag in Squares, $60.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Buzz On: Abejas Boutique

I got the nicest card in the mail from Texas boutique Abejas this weekend. I bought a jersey scarf from there, oh, must've been at least three years ago, and here they are writing me a handwritten note thanking me for supporting their store. And offering me a coupon code for $25 off my next purchase, no less! Can't resist that, now can I? You too should check out the shop. If you've got a few hundred or even thousand dollars lying around, you'll find some stuff to spend it on. Luckily, they have a few affordably priced items as well. Starting with...

Kiwi leather flip-flops, $49. Pretty much the exact thing I've been looking for. Simple brown leather flip-flops. Perfecto! Yay for coupon code web236!

Abejas recylced bee tote, $45.

Bee tee, $35. "Abejas" means "bee" in Spanish, see.

If money were no object, I would totally go for the Shelly Litvak hobo bag, made of ostrich leather. It's $4,500. Dayum!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today's Perfect Thing

Cute, cuter, cutest! I so want this. Even though I hate strapless dressees due to the existence of my boobs. And even though ankle-length dresses are kind of impractical. It seems like the perfect thing to throw on after a day at the beach before you run out to dinner, no? J. Crew long striped strapless dress, was $88, just marked down to $49.99.

One of The Cutest Things I've Ever Seen In My Whole Life...

... Is this:
($6.99, Fred Flare)
It's a plate, by the way. And it's pretty much the only plate you'll ever need.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Most Amazing Jewels Post, Part Deux, PLUS: Accessories + My Ongoing Love Affair With Doucette Duvall

Okay. Here's the second part of a two-part epic jewelry post, and this is the more mature companion of the duo, if I do say so.

I've been hanging onto the following links for months now, then I got busy, then I ate, then I fell asleep, repeat... suddenly... I see that effing DIOR is like peeking into my bookmarks or something because WHAT should pop up in their 2007 Fall runway show in Paris but dark, daring and dramatically oversized gems, like the ones seen above.

Fabsugar, from whence that image was copped, did a piece on getting that look for less... as in like 1/3600th less.

Here, finally, are my aforementioned picks.

($125, Kenneth Jay Lane, Maxandchloe.com)
We both picked these. Yay. I'm a geniyouse.

($35, emitations.com)
Pretty pretty for a pretty princess.

($29.99, emitations.com)
Also very pretty princess! You really can't go wrong with green jewels...if they are just $30.

($69, Palmbeachjewelry.com)
Elegant and understated.

($89, Palmbeachjewelry.com)
Decadent! Would go perfectly with this Dior gown from the Fall 2007 show...

... You know... if you simply MUST be all matchy-matchy.

This .... this I would give an ovary for. God knows... I'd gladly give an ove... until either or both opportunities arise... I'd settle for this...

($9.99, emitations.com)

($75, emitations.com)
Or these... Very holiday chic!

Or this...
($75, Kenneth Jay Lane, Shopbop.com)

Okay... some slightly less flashy pieces...
($59, Palmbeachjewelry.com)
Nice. Easy. The way things should be!

($69, Palmbeachjewelry.com)
Love these. Are they for old ladies? I guess I don't care! They're so bright and fun!

($199, Palmbeachjewelry.com)
This is seriously old-ladyish, and I love it because it reminds of this beautiful mini perfume bottle I have that was either my mom's or grandma's -- I think it's probably Avon or something (no big whoop) -- but it has a plastic pink rose stopper that looks just like that. I love it. (-- Note: anyone know WTF the perfume is? The label is long gone, and a Google search has been fruitless. Morts.)

($275, Miu Miu, Net-a-porter.com)
So, speaking of jewels, AND per my ongoing quest to find the perf jeweled flats... these are gorgeous. I may've already posted these, just like I realized I've already posted those two pink/ coral rings. Oh well.

($334, Anna Sui, Net-a-porter.com)
Speaking of Net-a-porter... this top is perfection.

So, speaking of ongoing quests, this vintage Courreges dress is up! for! auction on eBay:
(Currently $99, Courreges, eBay)
Reminds me of those creepy variety shows they used to do all the time in the '70s, where people like Karen Carpenter would come out and sing under a spotlight and then there'd be the inevitable camera trick where they match the soft focus with one single sparkle that was fabricated but they'd make it look like it came from the performer's gown or jewelry, and then they'd fade the whole thing into an unintelligible sparkle-blur effect, know what I mean? Also, whoever shot these images did a good job of capturing that creepy latently homosexual, sexually charged, coke-addled je ne sais quoi of that era. Kudos!

(Currently $49, Courreges, eBay)
More Courreges glasses. I regret not bidding on an earlier pair I posted about. They looked like these:
($49, Courreges, eBay)

($79, Helena Rubinstein, eBay)
These are also rad...

($19, Modcloth.com)
And these are super fun.

Okay... so last week I stole away to the now-defunct (wah!) Find Outlet going-outta-biz sale (wah again!). There, quietly, patiently waiting for me to discover it between the Lauren Moffatt tops and Doucette Duvall dresses was this Doucette Duvall dress:
This photo doesn't really do justice to the hilarious and awesome detail of the print, which is an old Nicole Miller silk print, and it's got wedding images all over, including a pricey bridal gown, a smiling chef, a Torah (holla!), guest list, boobie lady (the stripper, I suppose -- every good wedding's got one!) and more great images of matrimony as we know it. It was the only one in the entire joint, and it FIT me like a fucking GLOVE. I ran to the ATM and walked away with the dress for $79. I almost felt guilty -- as much as I LOOOOOVE me a good deal, I felt bad that a.) Find Outlet is no more and b.) that I was taking advantage of their misfortune for my own fashion gain (woo!) and b.5) that my long-awaited Doucette acquisition was at the expense of point b. and c.) I sorta feel obligated to pay full-price for the hard work of an indie designer. Oh well. I love this dress so much I can barely contain my joy. I couldn't find it anywhere online, so I emailed with Meredith at Doucette (hey girl!), and she informed that, per my GENIUS fashion assumption: it IS in fact an old Nicole Miller print, and it's their "Dottie" style. And it's MINE ALL MINE! I can only hope my legs look as lovely in the dress -- or at least as tan. :/

Now go buy a Doucette dress and um... pay full price...

($195, Doucette Duvall, Revolveclothing.com)

($178, Doucette Duvall, Revolveclothing.com)

($189, Doucette Duvall, Intermixonline.com)