Friday, December 31, 2010

Have a Sweet—Dolce—& Gabbana New Year!

As we close out the old year and look forward to the new one, I have begun to set our compass on what the griffes are predicting for 2011.

Hopefully not sounding like a broken record, the focus of this site is on emerging designers, yet without forgetting the long emerged.

As for a griffe that has been long established in the men’s world of fashion, there is probably none other than Dolce and Gabbana.

Two Italian men who were not afraid to express their bold views on raw masculinity, fearless femininity, elegant sensuality, and refined fragility…

With the equivalent of $1,000 in their pocket, Dolce and Gabbana embarked on their label a little over 25 years ago.

Stefano Gabbana was born 1962 in Milano, Italy; while Domenico Dolce was born 1958 outside Palermo in Sicily.

The two young men met 1980 in Milano and soon formed a partnership; today, they continue business as friends.

For 2011, Dolce & Gabbana fix their attention on “Sicilian Sensuality,” continuing their theme from 2010.

So, I would like to say Happy New Year to all with this video of Dolce & Gabban spring/summer 2011 collection:

See more images here.

Photos Copyright Dolce & Gabbana.