Wednesday, May 30, 2007

sexy mini bikini

sexy mini bikini gallery picture1sexy mini bikini gallery picture2

sexy mini bikini gallery picture3sexy mini bikini gallery picture4

Our style 2602 mini bikini bottom has a g-string back and a little more coverage in the front than our micro. This set comes with our most popular adjustable triangle bikini top - style 2301.

sexy micro bikini

sexy micro bikini picture1sexy micro bikini picture2

sexy micro bikini picture3sexy micro bikini picture4

Our smallest bikini bottom! Approx. 2 inches at the widest point on the front (style 2601). This little bikini will BARELY cover you...not one for the faint of heart! G-string back. This set comes with our most popular adjustable tri-top style 2301.

Sheer Micro Mini Thong Bikini

Sheer Micro Mini Thong Bikini picture
The sheer micro mini bikini is the smallest swimsuit we offer in a sexy sheer fabric. It comes with a choice of two sheer tops. The micro mini top has a 2-inch wide base, while the mini top offers more coverage with a 4-inch wide base. They are unlined and sold as a set.

Sexy String Panty

Sexy String Panty PictureSexy String Panty Picture1

The String Panty features gorgeous silver ring details.

Sexy Black Cherry Chip Set

Sexy Black Cherry Chip Picture1Sexy Black Cherry Chip Picture2
Our Black Cherry Chip Set is bigger than a g-string and smaller than a thong.

NYC Sample Sale City!

Holy crap are there a TON of sample sales going on right about now.

Here they are, laydeez!


June 5 - 8
Tues, 9 - 6
Weds & Thurs, 10 - 7
Fri, 9 - 3
260 5th Ave, between 28 and 29

May 30 - June 2
Wed - Fri, 11 - 8
Sat, 11am - 6pm
214 W. 39th St, between 7th & 8th Aves., Suite #805
(212) 302-4284

May 31 - June 3 2007
Thurs, 2 - 7
Fri & Sat, 10 - 7
Sun, 11 - 7
72 Greene St., between Spring & Broome
(212) 239-7272

May 30 & 31
Weds & Thurs, 10 - 6
The Globe Showroom
263 W. 38th St., between 7th and 8th Aves), 11th floor
(212) 221-6523
Cash and credit

Find Outlets
Thurs - Sun, 12 - 7
361 W. 17th Street, between 8th and 9th Aves.


229 Mott Street, between Prince and Spring

May 31 - June 3
Thurs - Sat, 11 - 7
Sun, 12 - 6
70 Greene St., between Spring & Broome
(212) 505-3020

Um, part of me is VERY relieved I'm out of town this weekend! Now go forth and SAMPLE!

Marc Jacobs: Great Shoes, Questionable Tat

Um, so apparently Marc Jacobs has a "real" MySpace page and, far more disturbingly, he apparently also has a tattoo of an M&M. Like the cartoony ones in the commercials. WTF?

(Photo from his MySpace page)

Weird, right? Anyone got any insight into the ink? Oh well. I like these:

($189, Marc Jacobs,

And these:

($297, Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdale's)

And this... but...

($172, Marc Jacobs,
I like the detailing on this top, but, um, does it have deodorant marks on it??? Eeps! And are those sorta Mom jeans?

Also, I discovered this while looking through

($520, Alexander McQueen,
Um, a 3/4-length Alexander McQueen Italian leather jacket for $500??? Five hundred AMERICAN dollars (not pounds??) Wows. I could actually justify that. It's gorgeous. Any takers? Better yet, my birthday's in barely two months!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wicker Is For Patio Furniture...

... Not your feet, okay? Same goes for rattan, jute, straw and raffia. Actually, ESPECIALLY for raffia. That shit is itchy and scratchy, and really, like cockroaches, do either really serve ANY purpose except to be annoying? Yet still, Stella (Ms. McCartney if yer nasty) insists upon basketweaving them into footwear, and the well-heeled set (or those who consider themselves so) drink it up with a straw.

Really? These??

($575, Stella McCartney, Barneys)
Hideous, unflattering, and may God help you should you go within 40 feet of a fired-up grill. And is there anything worse than witnessing a girl (usually overly fake tanned by about six or seven shades) in a dangerously short babydoll dress hobbling over a subway grate in 6-inch-high wicker walkers, desperately trying to maintain balance while avoiding a "Seven-Year Itch" moment? Seriously, one of the worst of all summer fashion cliches.

($575, Stella McCartney, Bergdorf Goodman)
Nope. Still terrible!

($495, VPL)
Is this someone's idea of a cruel joke?

($640, Fendi, Barneys)
They're not wicker or whatever, but close enough, as they ARE hateful. Glakdfjl;asdjfsl;aj!

($34, Connie,
Avert your eyes!

($520, Fendi, Barneys)
Fendi's high-heel version of a five-car-pileup. It's as though the ankle strap is the freaking jaws of life, desperately attempting to free the helpless victim (in this case, your foot) from its captor (in this case, this God awful excuse for a shoe).

($615, Manolo Blahnik, Bergdorf Goodman)
What's that old adage about money not buying taste?

(Apprx $35 USD, Dorothy Perkins)
If you absolutely MUST, these aren't bad, though I'm rarely a huge fan of the T-bar.

($29, SM New York,
Finally, a pair of raffia shoes that don't make me want to gouge my eyes out. BTW, loks like SM New York is Steve Madden's lower-rent label. I always thought Steve Madden shoes were unreasonably priced, so yay for this.

($521, Hollywould,
Apparently what we have here is one of the season's "it bags," though that's not saying much considering another "it bag" is an obnoxious send-off of a bag poor people keep their earthly belongs in. Anyway, what's so special about this clutch? Sure it's cute, especially if you're going to the Kentucky Derby, (which is SOOOOOOO two weeks ago), but you can find a straw clutch in any half-way decent vintage shop. And I'll hazard a guess that they're well below $500 bucks and that the above clutch ain't worth 5 Benjamins.

($225, Isabella Fiore, Bergdorf Goodman)
If you're still jonesing for an expensive straw clutch, this is pretty cute and half the price of Hollywould's. I like the white version too.

($108, Franchi,
Much better.

($68, Mad Imports)
Juicy and delish colors, and no hideous ornamentation!!! THANK you!

I'm also feeling some of their other "all-natural" products that don't make me want to toss my recycling in the trash in protest of aesthetic bastardization:

($110, Mad Imports)

($98, Mad Imports)

K, bye!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Fantasy Shopping the eLuxury Sale

My friend Michelle alerted me to a new favorie Internetty pastime: fantasy shopping! In this fun game, you simply add to your cart all the items on a site you wish you could have. I tried it out at the eLuxury sale, but I think I need a little practice. I maintained a semi-frugal attitude and only added reasonably affordable things. My total was just $1,864. Here's what I racked up:

Montauk medium satchel, $139. Did Tamron blog this already? If so, she's convinced me. A nice clean-lined, classic-looking bag.

Marc by Marc Jacobs patent ribbon wedge ballerina shoe, $207. I'm normally anti-patent, but there's something soft-looking about the material, plus the delectable wackiness of the shoe itself...

Marc by Marc Jacobs wild rose-print dress, $199. This would look so cute on someone with, uh, good posture.

Juicy Couture embroidered canvas coat, $269.

Marc by Marc Jacobs pintuck sleeveless top, $95.

Edun Sage straight-leg jeans, $79.

Ella Moss Sabrina dress, $79. That front panel of nonruffled hem is a little strange. I don't quite get it. But I love that the braided belt is included. I just can never be bothered with belts.

Robert Rodriguez ruffled sheath dress, $179.

Ella Moss Newport flutter-sleeve dress, $62. I sure do seem to love Ella Moss!

Marc by Marc Jacobs stretch canvas crop pants, $105. Feel the breeze!

Bailey 44 side-twist tee, $59. More like this, please.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Quintana jersey dress, $149.

Ella Moss Garrett dress, $89. This would be purr-fect for a wedding. I may just pick it up for the next one on my calendar....

Diesel Wonnha 60D jeans, $154. These look so comfortable and effortlesslyl stylish. Down with skinnies!

And that's all she wrote, folks. Stay tuned for the next edition of...Fantasy Shopping! (said in game-show-host voice, of course...)

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Final Countdown

If you missed part one and part two, please catch up. I'll wait.

Rousing, eh? I don't know if this installment will live up to the GIANT! LOGO! PARTY! of the last one, but maybe you can live with that. Here is info on a couple more of our awesome amazing verygood prizes, to be given out at an undetermined time TONIGHT at our birfday party. Wooh! Let's...commence:

I first was exposed to Campfire Goods at the Renegade Craft Fair, which by the way is coming up again (Brooklyn, June 16 and 17, dirty McCarren Park), and they will be there again this year. At the time I may or may not have been been obsessed with state T-shirts and contemplated heading for the nearest ATM in order to complete my collection, for the Campfire folks are even crazier about states than I was.

I would of course have to get the Jersey Girl shirt, $17. FHS forever!

And this is just so pretty: Flower Bear shirt, $17. They use lovely scoop-neck American Apparel tees for a nice feminine look.

I am totally getting the Dive Gowanus shirt for my design-appreciating boyfriend, whose office space looks out on the not-so-lovely canal in question. Maybe he can wear it canoeing on the Gowanus, or just stick to gongoozling (what a fantastic word, huh?).

Does the sort of ignorance referenced here drive you crazy too? Be a stickler without saying a a word with the There, They're shirt, $17.

A shirt within a shirt: surprisingly cute! Forward shirt, $17.

Maybe Carl could wear this Meathead shirt, $17, and I could wear my Threadless piece of meat shirt, and we'd be like twins! Or, less incestuously I suppose, Mr. and Mrs. Meat. Just go with me on this, people. We could go around complimenting people on their chops, if, say, they were doing an especially fine job of acting, or perhaps guitar soloing. "Nice chops!" "You too!" You feel me? No? Nevermind...

I could sit here extending dubious analogies all afternoon, but I'll refrain. Why don't you just go and look at all the Campfire offerings over at their website, They have been ridiculously cool and sent us a BUNCH of tees to give away. Girls' stuff only -- sorry, fellas! You're welcome, ladies!

Do we have any crafters in the house? Something tells me we do. Well, the superfine folks at Sublime Stitching sent us not one, not two, not three, but FOUR crazy cool embroidery patterns to give away. It's really easy to learn (Tamron taught me the simplest stitches in a few minutes), and you can get this stitch-it kit, whose excellence I can vouch for, to get started. You can start off doing hand towels and pillowcases, and eventually you could be like Ms. Lohan herself and crafting fully awesome deer totes! What could be cuter?

Here's what we've got to give away on Friday:

Kurt Halsey pattern, $3.

Rock 'n' Roll pattern, $3.

And frankly I forget what the other two are. But rest assured: If you've got the moves, they've got the motion. If you get together you'd be causin' a commotion. Maybe one day you can even reach the heights of cuteness that T.Lo achieved with her deer tote...remember?

But the fun does not stop there. One of our fave stores, Modcloth, is in the mix too. I'm ready to throw caution to the wind and purchase all of their hoodies. How presh are these:

Chica Boom Ahoy hoodie, $49.99. Nautical and just a little odd, but in a good way.

Grey Gardens hoodie, $49.99. So insanely cute, it's almost impossible to tell it's a sweatshirt! Superscore!

This is exactly the kind of dress you see effortlessly cool girls in the East Village rocking with, like, Frye boots. And pockets! Storm Cloud dress, $52.99.

But one cannot live on clothes alone.

Chained Up Heart necklace, $18.99.

Big Apple necklace, $24.99. Yums.

Interesting hairstyle. We highly recommend her giant rose pin. $11.99.

WHICH one of these lovely items, among others, will we be providing to the lucky winners tonight? Fortunately for the owners of AK-47 (oh yeah, we're on a nickname basis now), you have to show up to find out. See you tonight, kiddos! Oh -- and happy hour is now extended to NINE o'clock. Wooh!