Friday, April 30, 2010


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The Resort Collection by Boggi Resort & Alessandro Matteoni

Authenticity. Sensibility. Fraternity. Responsibility. Optimism.

These are some of the principal values that undergird Boggi Resort.

Boggi Resort is the brainchild of Alessandro Matteoni, who designs for Fred Perry, Albini, and Boggi Resort.

Alessandro has pioneered the 2010 spring/summer collection entitled the “Resort Collection,” drawing inspiration from New England in the Eighties.

With the spirit of vintage America and a project from Milan, Italy, Alessandro has succeeded in creating a collection with a “free-time” look, including chinos, Bermudas, and polo’s.

The Boggi Resort boutique can be visited at Corso Como no. 11 in Milan.

Slideshow (Courtesy Fashion Times), photo & video Copyright Boggi Resort.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just for You

Today i opened my polyvore account. And i had the idea to create new set . I created this set specially for Diana Rikasari. I like her style, very very unpredictable. Once again i would say she's my biggest inspiration in blog world.

Hopefully you like it , Diana...

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JUMA 2010 Spring/Summer Collection Launch

I just received the launch video for the 2010 spring/summer collection by JUMA.

Jamil and Alia Juma are the Toronto-based brother and sister team that lay special emphasis on philanthropic foundations and activities.

Enjoy the video!

Video Copyright JUMA.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wardrobe 2010

Morning readers...
Good news for shopaholic and indie band lover. Start from tommorow until sunday at Balai Kartini, you should come to WARDROBE 2010. In this event you can buy a lot stuff from Mejiku, Happy Go lucky, Gee Eight, Noin Brand and many more . And you can see Indie band performance like Efek Rumah Kaca, The Banery, Santa Monica , and many more. Not only that there 'll be also talk shows, fashion show, and photo exhibition. Do you know Gloria Agatha ? . She's blogger ( ), in there Gloria 'll be show her first collection for label " JII ". I'm so excited to attend this event, prepare ur cash money because there don't accept payment by credit card. See you there, i'll be go there in Sunday.

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Trikoton—Poetic Knits from Berlin

Trikoton recently presented a new knitwear collection during Berlin Fashion Week at the Premium trade fair, which was held in the Gästezimmer or ‘Guestroom’.

The Trikoton label describes itself as an interdisciplinary team that explores innovative ways to design and manufacture interactive creations with a personal and poetic attitude.

Located in Berlin, Trikoton works with local manufacturers, acting as a crossroads between traditional and modern technologies, which guarantee consumers of products that are of a superior quality.

Photos Copyright Trikoton.

CÔTEetCIEL: Accessories that Cover the Coast & Sky

CÔTEetCIEL is the Paris-based label of lifestyle bags and accessories for men who enjoy a nomadic life!

A trademark of Paper Rain, CÔTEetCIEL was founded in 2008 and aspires to minimalist and angular shapes with functional designs.

Whether you arm yourself with a rucksack or iPod pouch, you can be a modern nomad with CÔTEetCIEL.

Photos Copyright CÔTEetCIEL.

You've got talent

You must see Brandon de Angelo perfomance in this video. I just wanna say he's amazing kid. Wowwww... this kid really has a remarkable talent. Every sunday night at TRANS TV you can watch Indonesia Mencari Bakat in 8.00 pm. You can see many talented people in that show. Don't forget to watch Brandon performance this sunday in May 2nd, and vote him by typing a sms with the format : IMB ( space ) BRANDON and send your sms to 9910.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Defyance—Menswear for Movement

Asaf Ganot grew up with a passion for basketball, playing in high school and college, always dressing in some sort of sports gear.

His zeal led him to Brazil where he played basketball for a year.

During that period, Asaf observed how his fellow team mates always sported attire that resembled the gym wear, whether at work or play.

Armed with a vision to create a new line of clothing that would combine comfort and mobility, Asaf immersed himself in research.

His quest first led him to Indonesia in 2004 and, then, to Hong Kong and onto Italy.

Coupled with the expertise that he gleaned from his father, who was a successful businessman in the fashion industry, Asaf defined his vision.

In 2008, he launched Defyance, replacing the ‘I’ with a ‘Y’ to symbolize the fusion of fashion with performance and a departure from conventionality (symbolized by the arrow pointing downward on the ‘Y’).

Photos Copyright Defyance.

Soulland & the Adler Fedora Hat

With roots in both Sweden and Tanzania, 23-year-old Silas Adler was born in Denmark, having spent much of his childhood in rural Jutland, the main part of the country.

Prior to moving to Copenhagen as a teen, Silas lived several years in Gothenburg, Sweden.

At the age of 17, Silas founded the menswear label Soulland as an excuse not to go to school!

Now the best up-and-coming Danish designer, Silas combines the country lifestyle of Jutland with the urban trends of Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

The Adler fedora hat is a hybrid between a baseball cap and the classic fedora that is constructed using artisan millinery techniques.

Dedicated to Scandinavia, VMAN has launched a giveaway of two Adler Fedora Hats at 2pm today!

Photos Courtesy Starworks, Copyright VMAN.

Love is in the air

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for do
Do in love can make it

" LOVE song"

If you follow me in Twitter or add me in Facebook, you must know that now i'm in love with someone. I'm just ordinary human who can feel the feeling of falling in love like everyone else. Love can make us so happy, though now i'm sick. But once i sa w the smile of a loved one, the pain was gone instantly.

Thank God you have to give this feeling to me, although it's forbidden love.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Digging Deeper into Capoeira

Last year I published an article on an athletic shoe called Paraná, which was inspired by Capoeira—an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, dance, and rhythmic motion to the beat of drums: Paraná, Capoeira & Italian Football.

This Saturday while attending a street festival in the small historic town of Princeton, New Jersey, located just 50 minutes outside New York city, I met a group of performers who belong to Senzala Princeton University.

Although Capoeria dates back hundreds of years, Grupo Senzala was founded in the Sixties by two brothers, Rafael and Paulo Flores Viana, in Rio de Janeiro.

The movement soon expanded throughout the Americas and Europe, spreading to the New York area. The Princeton group was founded by Mestre Zumbi, who began training at the age of nine.
For additional information or to watch movies of Capoeira Senzala, click here.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Carrie Bradshaw

Pretty, Glamour and Fashionable. That's Carrie , main cast from Sex and The city. In may 27th you can see the sekuel of Sex and The City the Movie. I'm so excited to watch it !

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See you Carrie in May ;D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Antonio Cassano—Diadora’s New Face

In occasion of the grand opening for a new store in Milan, Italy, Diadora has recruited Italian footballer Antonio Cassano as its new face.

Diadora shared this new gift of honor with the public at a press conference that was held on Friday, April 23.

Born 1982 in Bari, Italy, Antonio Cassano plays second striker for the Series A club Sampdoria (otherwise known as Blucerchiati).

Founded by Marcelo Danieli in 1948, Diadora has become equated with Italian sports clothing, shoes, and accessories, setting a fine tradition of high quality.

The name Diadora was derived from the Greek for the Dalmatian city in Croatia, Zadar, literally connoting “sharing gifts and honor”.

Photo Courtesy of Fashion Times, Copyright Diadora.

The Gear Ring that Spins, by Kinekt!

Are you into torque, wheels, or pulleys? Do V-belts turn you on? How about gears with cogs that mesh with the teeth of other parts?

These mechanics definitely excited the ancient Greeks, such as the polymath Archimedes(287-212 BC) and Hero of Alexandria (10–70 AD).

Now they are becoming all the rage with the Gear Ring by Kinekt Design!

Made from highest quality of surgical stainless steel, the Gear Ring is based on the rack and pinion motion of pair gears. It is the ring that spins!

Intrigued by the motion of small mechanisms, Glen Liberman launched Kinekt Design in 2010.

Check out the 30-second video on the ring that spins: the Gear Ring by Kinekt!

Photo & video Copyright Kinekt Design.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pattern Day

Hell - Ooooooo readers. How are you doing in this sunday ? Okay this is my new photoshoot, i took this morning . I wore my new black vest from Bloop and pattern t-shirt. I love pattern stuff like t-shirt, cardigan, cap and many more.

Do you like this photoshoot ???? leave your comment..

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Bloop black double vest // pattern t-shirt // black pant
// black shoes // DIY stripe bag

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Dream on

My new set in Polyvore.

4 ladies

One of so many of my dreams is to become Fashion Stylish.
What i deserve ??

Friday, April 23, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection for Summer 2010

U.S. Launch Date: May 27th, 2010
International Launch Date: May 2010 (Asia: June 2010)

The Collection includes:




Lip Pencil

Eye Kohl

Powder Blush

Nail Lacquer

MAC To The Beach Bag

Cream Bronzer

Lustre Drops

Bronzing Powder

Bronze Body Oil

Brush 130 Short Duo Fibre

Brush 131 Short Duo Fibre Powder/Blush


Lonsdale—from the Rings of London to the Streets of New York!

Ah springtime! Seems like everyone is back outdoors jogging, biking, and playing their favorite sport that was abandoned in the height of a brutal winter. Need some new sportswear? Lonsdale is a label that I well know from Italy; but it is not Italian.

Established 1960 in London by ex-boxer Bernard Hart, the line originally specialized in boxing equipment. He obtained permission to name the label after Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale—president of the National Sporting Club of Britain, which later became the British Board of Boxing Control.

Hugh Lowther was nicknamed “Yellow Earl” for always wearing a yellow carnation and driving a yellow Rolls Royce. Reputed as “England’s Greatest Sporting Gentlemen, Hugh donated the original Lonsdale belt in 1909 for the champion of each weight division.

So who has worn Lonsdale clothing since its inception? Stars like Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson are among the many fans of Lonsdale. You may have even noticed Lonsdale in the 2003 movie, “The Italian Job.”

Photo Copyright Lonsdale.


What would you do if a friend invites you to work in this country ?

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What i have to accept the invitation ?
please readers , help me...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stylish Black Emo Girl Hair Styles 2008 Winter

Black Emo Hair Cuts 2009

emo girl

Stylish Black Emo Girl Hair Styles 2008 Winter

“TuTa Symmetry” by Theatre de la Mode

I first met Chris Kelly a year ago when he sent me an invitation to London Fashion Week where he presented that season’s menswear collection of Theatre de la Mode. Now I would like to introduce you to the 2010 autumn/winter collection entitled “TuTa Symmetry”:

“‘TuTa symmetry’ is a moment of self-definition for Theatre de la Mode; with strong foundations in utilitarian design, the collection represents a natural evolution to a more fashion forward sense of wearability. As the name suggests – the perfectly balanced design takes inspiration from the clean lines and tailoring of classic menswear and twists it with the image of casual wear.

This season is particularly inspired by Thayaht, the Italian artist whose revolutionary designs led the futurists in fashion, costume, stage design, and decorative arts. Most famously, he invented a garment named TuTa, a form of coverall that was fashionable, but practical and accessible to all.

The look of Thayaht’s TuTa was simple, clean design – casual but refined for its smart approach to functional dressing. Similarly, this season Theatre de la Mode has emphasized symmetry and draping to achieve a unique form of tailored casual wear. The sweat blazer is a casual staple with a refined edge that merges fashion and function. A heavily draped neckline and a boxed silhouette combine in the snood hoodie. Trouser design is approached with a denim eye, but keeps the labels classic loosely structured silhouette. New trouser shapes come in the form of the gusset trouser and the elastic waist tailored pant.

Colours for the season are rich and neutral – moss, charcoal grey, plum, stone and navy. This is sophisticated casual wear with the feel of military uniforms: trans-seasonal dressing for urban aesthetes. From his studio in London’s east end creative director/head designer Christopher Kelly experiments with shape and proportion, designing collections for men and women that display his ever-present penchant for technique and craftsmanship. Since its launch in 2007 Theatre de la Mode has been recognized internationally in the press by publications such as Dazed Digital, JC report and Style bubble.”

Photo & slideshow 2010 autumn/winter collection Copyright Theatre de la Mode.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inksomnia World

First of all , HAPPY EARTH DAY..
Keep your environment clean, say no to plastic bag, don't be to wasteful use of electricity and water, and there are many ways to keep our earth. It's all up to you readers.

Five days ago i ordered owl airmail wallet from Inksomnia, and yesterday the wallet had reached. Other than my wallet was also given a souvenir from Maliq 'n D'essential is a key chain. Thank you so much for Inksomnia.

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click here to see Inksomnia online store