Saturday, February 28, 2009


HEY everyone, HAPPY MARCH....
are u happy in march??????
just start new month with positive thinking and SMILE......
so i start my 1st march with DI3VA ON BLOG...
enjoy..... and send u'r comment about my creation OK!!!

Wedding Dress Colections-Dresses

Thursday, February 26, 2009

pink is big for MAN

are u agree with me??????

Sexy Camo Mesh Bikini (MS Collection)

Sexy Camo Mesh Bikini (MS Collection) in the pictures pics gallerySexy Camo Mesh Bikini (MS Collection) in images photo gallery
Gorgeous Jennifer taken these photos on a beautiful beach in Gabon, Africa. She wears a Sexy Camo Mesh Bikini. By Malibu String bikini collection.

Kelly Clarkson Candids In a Sexy Bikini On The Beach

Kelly Clarkson Candids In a Sexy Bikini On The Beach in the pictures pics galleryKelly Clarkson Candids In a Sexy Bikini On The Beach in image photo gallery
Kelly Clarkson - bikini candids on the beach. Beautiful Kelly Clarkson wears a animal print bikini.

Sexy Tiger Print Thong Bikini

Sexy Natalie wears Tiger Print Thong Bikini
Beautiful Natalie Nicoletti basks in the later afternoon sunset wearing a tiger print thong bikini. By florida bikini.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


it's all up to u !!!!!!!

Like me now, i buy stripped t-shirt in SENEN MARKET only 5000 rupiah.

me and my short pant

so white

so blue


that's true for me, one week + no browse internet is like i'm die.
I love browse internet so much almost everday i browse, but it's ok.
Start from tuesday i work at night so i haven't time to browse.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wholesale Mens Fashion

Fashion Men

Fashion Men
Guadagno is President and Chief Operating Officer of wholesale at Versace USA.

Pictures of Fashion Men.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Mens Fashion

Fashion MenClose-Up of Businessman's Stomach

Pictures of Fashion Men.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Green Emerald Beach Bikini

Samantha Green Emerald Beach Bikini in the pictures pics gallerySamantha Green Emerald Beach Bikini in photo image gallery
Beautifull Samantha taken these pictures on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. She wears green emerald beach bikini. By Malibustring collection 2009.

Black Open Net Bikini

Black Open Net Bikini in pics photos galleryBlack Open Net Bikini in the pictures images gallery
Annie in a Black Open Net Bikini in Saint Laurent River, Montréal city. By Malibustring collection 2009

Sexy White Micro Thong Bikini

Sexy White Micro Thong Bikini in the pictures pics photo image gallery
Sexy southern belle Heather Morgan slips off a pair of daisy dukes revealing her tanned booty in a white micro thong. By Florida bikini.


hey, after i see diana blog "xoxo" picture so cute and brillian so now i have fun battle of them.




and the winner is DIANA RIKASARI


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

RIHANNA CONCERT tonight !!!!!!

will see tonight RIHANNA CONCERT but i can't see her......

valentine alone, " IT'S SO COOL ! " or " SO SAD "?

For this year i haven't GF again, i miss my Girlfriend.
To Desi where are u my 1st love???????
Hopely we can meet again, to all reader's my blog send u'r opinion about my blog title now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hot Mens Fashion

Fashion Men
Former Australian model Sarah Murdoch (centre) poses for photographs with models after the "Hot in the City" lingerie fashion parade at the Sydney Fashion Festival in Sydney.

Pictures of Fashion Men.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skimpy Tie Side Thong Bikini

Skimpy Tie Side Thong Bikini in the picture image pics photo gallery
Beautifull Danielle wears a skimpy tie side thong bikini and plays with a red starfish.

Elegant Formal Dresses

Formal Dresses
Glamourous Woman Wearing Pink Dress.

Collection of Formal Dresses.


thank's to DIANA RIKASARI for this picture :D

i want this shoes!!!

in sunday i see this shoes from BLOG MALE MODE .
how much this shoes?????
mmmm.....i haven't money right now.....
SO SAD, but it's ok !!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Neon Pink-Camo Suit Bikini

Neon Pink-Camo Suit Bikini in the pictures picsNeon Pink-Camo Suit Bikini in images photos gallery
Elizabeth in a Neon Pink-Camo Suit Bikini in cancun, Mexico.

Mens Fashion Ideas

Popular Fancy Dress Ideas For Men

Fancy dress parties have been popular since the 18th century in Britain. They date back even further in other parts of the world, in Venice for instance, masquerade balls were held as far back as the 15 century. Guests would use masks to cover their faces and hide their identities. These events were elaborate dances, usually only held for members of the upper classes and were very grand occasions. Later in the seventeenth & eighteenth centuries costume parties became more common in mainland Europe and the UK.

Nowadays more emphasis is on the costumes themselves and making them resemble clothing from around the world, both historic and from modern media, such as film & TV.

Super Hero Fancy Dress Costumes

Popular mens' fancy-dress costumes are things like super hero outfits, particularly X-Men, Batman and The Incredible Hulk suits. These sorts of costume are favoured by men as they give them confidence by creating the illusion that they're bigger than they really are. Most of these costumes feature fake muscles down both the arms and legs.

The fact that super hero outfits are often bright yellow or in the case of the 'Incredible Hulk' costume; bright green, doesn't seem to bother the majority of those that wear them. I suppose just by wearing them, they will look silly, so if they are an embarrassing colour, then this should not matter.

Back to school fancy-dress has become a common theme for parties, to the point at which nightclubs regularly hold school uniform themed nights. Though most mens' fancy dress for this sort of event is based on black trousers, white shirts and a school tie, some men dress up as a head master character.

Some fancy dress parties are themed around Roman costumes, where men and women wear Roman style togas, sandals and even laurel leaf headdresses. Other popular styles of mens' fancy dress themed from around the world are 'Arabian' costumes, 'Mexican Poncho' outfits and 'Hawaiian Shirts'.

More and more men are choosing fancy dress themed musical eras such as the '50's', '60's' and '70's'. With costumes styled like Teddy Boys jackets, 'Elvis' jumpsuits and hippy outfits.

Mens' Fancy Dress Ideal for Groups

Some men choose certain styles of costume when planning to go out in a group, choosing to all dress the same to make sure they get noticed. Ideal costumes for groups are policemen costumes, Robin Hood and cave men outfits.

If a group of men and women go out together, then they may choose costumes which show both sides from a theme. Examples of this are doctors & nurses, cops & robbers and cowboys & 'Indians'. All the men wear one style of fancy dress, whilst all the women wear another style.

This is ideal for those who like to go night clubbing in fancy-dress as opposed to an actual fancy dress party, where guests prefer to look different. Though going out in too big a group can see you getting turned away from some venues unless you book in advance.

Hollywoods' Influence on Fancy Dress

Fancy-dress costumes that have become more popular for men are pirates, mainly due to the success of films such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. A knock-on affect of this has been an increase the number of skeleton outfits and ghost costumes being worn. These costumes traditionally would only be worn in great numbers during Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night themed fancy dress parties.

Find a large selection of mens fancy dress ideas and accessories.

Pictures of Fashion Men.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


i heart soft brown long coat.

i heart brown leather jacket.

i heart denim blazer and the hat too.