Sunday, December 12, 2010

55DSL x Manhattan Portage…

…Limited Edition Messenger Bag, Customized by Andrea Rosso.

Live at least 55 seconds per day!

“Yesterday I rescued a cat from a burning building, scored the winning goal, wrote the great American novel and met the girl of my dreams. It was just another day for me. How about you? Slick Italian style with cool New Yorker edge: I’m not just another black bag”.

55DSL and Manhattan Portage have collaborated to create a special limited edition bag called the EUROPA 55; a combination of 55DSL’s creativity with the iconic red label from New York City. The originality of 55DSL and technical expertise of legendary manufacturer Manhattan Portage makes this urban messenger bag the ultimate collector’s item.

“I am so thrilled about this collaboration” says Andrea Rosso, creative director of 55DSL. “For years it has been my wish to collaborate with Manhattan Portage. Everyone at 55DSL has heard about it — just look up at their logo and you’ll notice the skylines of New York City on it. There is a little bit of a New Yorker in every one of us!”

The special collaborative bag will bear the 55DSL black label and the MP brand’s signature red label. It will come with several customized parts such as a vintage black metal buckle which prevents the heavy duty shoulder strap from moving while riding a bike or on the go. The inside red lining makes it easy to spot what you’re looking for and all the extra zippers and compartments will keep your daily essentials organized. Also the cool graphic print applied on the outside body and the front vinyl flap turns this bag into a trendy hybrid version.

Su Hwei Lin, president of Manhattan Portage, is equally enthusiastic: “We enjoyed working with Andrea Rosso on this project! He has been very involved and supportive during the design stage. This collaboration is a good opportunity for Manhattan Portage to work with a dynamic Italian brand that encourages creativity and supports self expression amongst its consumers and partners alike”.

A limited number of 1,000 bags will be released worldwide and will be available at 55DSL and Manhattan Portage stores and select retailers starting in November. And to top it all off, a secret surprise gift inside the bag has been provided by 55DSL for all of those who get this bag by the end of December.

See the bag here.

About 55DSL
55DSL was born in 1994 as spin off of the Diesel group. Driven by the action sports arena, it has evolved to become a lifestyle brand influenced by graphic design, urban culture and music. 55DSL is a young and dynamic company distributed worldwide with a strong presence in Japan, Italy, UK and US.

About Manhattan Portage
Born in 1983, Manhattan Portage spent its early days designing bags to meet the practical needs of New Yorkers. Inspiration came from the streets, and what was originally designed for bike messengers and the DJ music scene has now become mainstream as multi-purpose urban gear.

Since that time, our messenger bags and DJ bags have become timeless classics and our collection has grown to serve all walks and runs of urban life. By staying true to its urban roots and through constant dedication to quality and craftsmanship, the little red label from NYC is now seen all over the world, with a simple philosophy in mind: to design “A Bag for Everyone”.

Photos & text Copyright 55DSL & Manhattan Portage.