Thursday, June 28, 2007

Old Navy Fall 2007

Quite surprisingly, Old Navy has some really cute stuff coming up for Fall '07. I don't have a lookbook yet, but you can check out this ad, which actually isn't super annoying.
Or, you can just click on their outfits for deets. Their hooded fleece coats and swing trenches are absolutely adorable. I'm also hoping they actually will carry those tights in those colors shown on the models.

Congrats, Old Naves. You've come a long way from shapeless, too-short T-shirts.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

R.I.P Liz Claiborne!

R.I.P. Liz Claiborne, godmama of women's career/casual/ better sports- and resortwear!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Totes Tuesday Cuters

K. Lotsa fun cutes pix for Tuesday, in ascending order of affordability. Lotsa Betsey Johnson, for some reason.

($19.99, Mossimo,
Cute, and not OVERLY Denise Huxtable-boho.

($40, Drifter,
The photo is piss poor, but the dress is sorta cool.

($48, Nice Face,
Beyond cute, and another good poly-seasonal piece!

($187, Betsey Johnson)
OMG! Yellow puffy clouds = 2 cute 4 wrds!

($189, Betsey Johnson,
OMGOMGOMG. I HEART this bow dress.

($216, T Bags,
Love the Pucci-esque colors and the Deco-esque design!

($282, Voom,
Torn between thinking this is cute because it's not too-too ethnicy, and wondering if it looks too much like a cheap futon cover.

($296, Alice & Trixie,
Probs my faves of the Polkadotsandmoonbeams dresses. Love the colors and silky appppeeeealll! Weeee!

($330, Betsey Johnson, Zappos)
Es muy elegante, no?

This would be especially cute minus the studded belt and zebra hair.

($26, Drifter,
I'm not a HUGE graphic print fan (at least on Tees), but this is cute -- and cheap -- enough!

($32, Soundgirl,
The fact that the deer on this Soundgirl top are very tiny make the whole thing not too, well... dear.

($35, American Vintage,
I'm a huge fan of this Paris brand, which I've found is hard to find in Los States. I like this top, though it sorta screams "Will bleed all over fucking everything in the wash" to me.

($40, Soundgirl, Amazon)
More cuteness from my beloved Soundgirl.

($115, Spring & Clifton,
There hasn't yet been an instrument invented that could measure the amount of my love for this top.

($24, Loyal Army,
Cuter than a day-old lil kitten crawling out of an upended olde-fashioned milk jug! And I love that it says "All Skate" and "Couples Skate" on it! Tee!

($35, Betsey Johnson)
Also muy elegante.

($44, Betsey Johnson, Amazon)
Loves the leops.

($95, People's Liberation,
I would very much like to own these and wear them with the Spring & Clifton shirt, which I would also very much like to own.

($395, Michael Kors)
Despite my general disdain for black patent AND for large silver hardware, I actually really like these for reasons I still can't quite pinpoint.

... And... scene.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Maybes

Hi peeps.

Here are all the things I'd maybe buy...

TOPS ($86, Yvette Mandell,
Very berry-licious!

($19.50, Fresh Karma,
More fruity fun! And the price! Oh the price! Check out what else is on super sale at Ron Herman. Sick, I tell you! SICK!

($132, Splendid,
This looks like the height of comfort. And I like that, comfort.

($49, Volcom,
Plain ol' plaid adorbsness!!

($44, Puella,
Light n' lovely!

In lotsa other cute, bold colors too!

Fun fer the beach or just cold chillaxin'.

Cute, but maybe not as much as some of the white aviators I've been seeing/ wanting.

Two tools in love! What could be cuter??

($58, Urban Outfitters)
Why do they insist upon sucking me back in?

($300, Diesel,
Just as it never should have come to pass that Toni Braxton named her children Denim and Diezel, this get-up also never should have come to fruition. Has anyone else been feeling of late that Diesel should just bow out gracefully? Perhaps there was never a better example of why.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Chie Mahara Shoes, Et Al

I am seeing nothin' but Chie Mahara shoes lately. And I'm lovin' about 90% of 'em.
They look so well made, and they're allegedly really comfz.

Here goes:

($154, Chie Mahara, Saks)
One of the best pairs of neutral heels I've seen in a montha Sundays, as "we" say in the "South." I might really truly rethink my no ankle straps personal policy.

($310, Chie Mahara,
Love the 1940s-esqueness!

($289, Chie Mahara,
Probably my fave of all. Like walking on sunshine! Weeee!

($162, Chie Mahara,
Swooooony McSwoooonerson!

($310, Chie Mahara,
Chie Mahara, are you trying to seduce me?

($297, Chie Mahara,
I'm yours! I love the selection here.

($297, Chie Mahara,
Oh, behave!

($314, Chie Mahara,
Unbelieveabley gorge.

($325, Chie Mahara,
A tiny bit whack, but also fairly rad.

($219, twenty two shoes)
I love twenty two shoes for similar reasons. Hand-made like woah.

($209, twenty two shoes)
The brown is beautiful too.

($66, F-Troupe,
Totes sophisticado!

($212, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
OMG. WANT WANT WANT WANT. And look at the pic of MJ -- nice, normal MJ! Not scary manorexic MJ!

($45, Nicole,
Quite cute, and not unreasonably high for a wedge. And probably the most affordable item I've ever seen at Oak.

($99, Tracy Reese, Anthropologie)
You only live once. Why not own a pair of ocelet pumps?... I guess...

($48, Urban Outfitters)
Damn you, UO! Keep reeling me back in!

And now, here it is, folks, your moment of morts:
(Approx $111 USD, Irregular Choice (who else?),
Um, exactly HOW did this get past the brainstorming phase and into development?

In Praise of Bubble Hems (and lotsa other stuff)

Why do I love bubble hems so much? I don't rightly know. They just seem And flirty. If you don't like bubble hems, it's like not liking ice cream. Am I right? Here are some delightful bubbly items I've found recently, plus some extra stuff, of course:

Rome & Juliet Couture black jeresey belted mini bubble dress, $66.30. The puffy sleeves are always so flattering.

Romeo & Juliet Couture greay jersey halter bubble dress, $66.30. Granted this is essentially a jersey sack. And yet so cute!

Gap bubble skirt, $19.99. Bubblicious! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Victoria's Secret bubble shorts. They look comfy.

A.B.S. navy jersey bubble-sleeve dress, $94.35. Bubble SLEEVES! genius!

Are you the type of person to pay $150 for a sweatshirt?

How about this Diesel bubble-sleeve hoodie? Yeah, $150.

This is majorly cute:
Corey Lynn Calter bubble dress
, $146.

Forever 21 knit bubble dress, $24.80.

Forever 21 tropical woven dress, $19.80. I can't tell if that's a bubble hem or just poor photo cropping, but the description does boast my favorite words: light padding at the bust!

And now for some things that DON'T have bubble stuff:

Whim sateen flutter-sleeve dress, $48.45.

Sweet Pea navy mesh color-block dress, $71.40.

Fashionista "Athena" dress, $96.90. Love the bright kelly green and especially the rolled straps.

Forever 21 tiered sundress, $27.80. A bit Little House, but cute. Right?

Forever 21 plaid halter dress, $24.80. Very cute.

New York & Company city-style sundress, $39.20.

This is sort of interesting, but I wonder if it rides up: Gap shine foldover bikini, $14.99 for the bottoms, $24.99 for the top. This is pretty much my favorite color.

And now for some SHOES!

Why am I drawn to these? Nine West Jumpon ballet flats, $29.99. That elastic looks like it might be uncomf. Anybody have these and care to comment?

UPDATE: A commenter says the elastic is totally comf, and I bought these, in tan and black, on the way home. (The blue was too royal and too bold; I thought it was more of a light blue.)

AND I may even go back for the pink and orange, on account of the commenter's saying she had those and on account of my years-old Steve Madden hot pink ballet flats being pretty beat down at this point. Thanks, anon!

Payless fake patent mary jane heels, $19.99. I love these for some reason! But what to wear with 'em?

Tribeca "Think Fast" ballet flat, $35.79, unless you're a size 8, in which case you pay the full $58. What the???

These are a slightly nicer flip-flop option: Nine West "Bubs" sandal, $29.99. Not really what I'm looking for, but close.