Friday, August 31, 2007

JACKETS: PART 2: Everybody In Great Grey Coats!

A follow-up post to my grey coats post, part I from the other day, in descending order of prostitution location.

Turnin' Tricks At Soho House:
(Apprx $1248 USD, Alexander Wang,
Via Catwalkqueen. This coat by Alexander Wang, who is fucking everywhere right now is a work of art. I wouldn't know whether to wear it (and risk dripping coffee on it, as I so inevitably do on the walk to the train at least two out of five mornings a week) or have it mounted and framed and hang it above my bed.

Turnin' Tricks At The Time:
($594, 3.1 Phillip Lim,
Also a thing of pristine beauty, although nowhere near as gorgeous as the Alexander Wang jacket. It could be winter forever if I had that to keep me warm.

Turnin' Tricks At The Hotel On Rivington:
($232, Plastic Island,
So simple and little girl chic without being too barfy cutesy pie.

Turnin' Tricks At The Times Square Hilton:
I absolutely love this jacket, both because and despite the fact that it's named for my favorite trashionista namesake, Lindsay Lohan. And it's waaaaay cheaper than a Mike & Chris, which it totes looks like.

Turnin' Tricks In A Port Authority Bathroom:
($68, Roxy,
Roxy would usually never be my thing, but this plaid grey coat is too cute. Tillys and Roxy -- who knew?

Footwear Friday

Okay, here's a Freaky Friday Fun Fact: I really don't like ice cream much. Something about the salt content and how all that soda makes me crave gallons of water for a freaking fortnight. But what I DO like is cone heels. So, let's begin, shall wes?

Ahhh the Lanvin cone heel -- the daddy mack of them all. J'adore! They're not easy to get your hands on, but I did find a pair of the blue ones, and if you're a size 40, you're in luck.

($567, Lanvin,
Sure, they're totally unwalkable, but if you're spending that kinda cash on heels, you probably can afford cabs. There are also a handful of pairs on eBay.

($278, Hugo, Zappos)
A gorgeous alternative to Lanvin, and they're patent leather too! Two trends for half the price of one!

($75, Na Na, Piperlime)
These are gorgeous -- and gorgeously priced -- in black too, but the olive is really unique.

($125, Vince Camuto, Piperlime)
The snakeskin, peep toe and chunky heel combine to make this shoe a sexy stunner.

($398, Tapeet, Zappos)
Another great chunky-heeled version in a metallic.

($28, Delicious,
Simple, sexy, super affordable = sold.

($17.99, eBay)
Really can't argue with the price here.

($175, Report, Piperlime)
Simply beautiful.

($171, Fornarina, Zappos)
I'm not too into snakeskin, but I could certainly make an exception for these.

($138, daniblack, Zappos)
And I could absolutely make an exception for these...

($201, Via Spiga, Zappos)
Love the cut of these. They're sorta '80s rich-girl prepster in the best possible way.

($72, Pink Studio, Lulusfashionlounge)
How can you even tolerate how cute the polka dos are? Normally rosy tan and light blue is so vomitoriously kountry kitchen, but it works so perfectly here. A great work shoe.

($185, Miss Sixty)
I could probably do a week's worth of posts on Oxfords alone, but these are also great work wear.

($442, Costume National, Zappos)
As are these. Ultimate power bitch banker heel. Woo!

And her opposite, the fun-lovin' hippie kid sister who comes to visit for the weekend and leaves crumbs everywhere.

($171, Fornarina, Zappos)
Fun and festive.

($25, Abate For Payless)
My Lord I love high-end/low-rent collabos!

... And finally... my two faves...

($175, Report Signature, Piperlime)
Oh yes. Yes yes yes. Oh yes indeed.

... And...
($625, Pucci,
Possibly the most best shoes ever in the universe and history of all shoes forever and ever amen.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Stuff I Want...

I was quite surprised to see that Fossil has put out an extremely un-Fossil-like line of vintage-inspired bags for the fall. Check out their Fifty-Four collection:

($265, Fossil)

($200, Fossil)

($145, Fossil)

($24, The Ryde)
Cali surf-lifestyle brand The Ryde makes comfy-casual but cute surf-inspired gear. Normally I'm not super into message Tees, but look closely -- can you even handle how cute their "Seamstress For The Band" Tee is??? I love that the shirt doesn't hit you over the head with its message, and I love the Built By Wendy-esque look.

Fragrance fiend Jo Malone is coming out with a white jasmine and mint cologne for the fall. Apparently it was "inspired by a sun drenched morning in am English garden, new White Jasmin & Mint captures the scent of jasmine, wild rose and white blossoms with an unexpected twist of wild mint." Notes include wild mint, peppermint leaf, camomile, coriander, cardamom, bergamot, mace, cassis, Jo Malone heirloom jasmine, ylang ylang, orange flower, rose de mai absolut, muguet, cedar, Jo Malone musk, mate absolut, vetiver, prune and guaiac wood... Um, I have no clue what guaiac wood is, but I'm willing to find out, because this sounds heavenly.

($82, Jessica Simpson, Zappos)
Both these shoes and Jessica Simpson are ridiculous, but I kind of love both of them in an inexplicable way. Silver shoes are huge this fall, and I wouldn't mind owning these. They're not bad in black either...

($98, Arena CPH, Saks Fifth Avenue)
This necklace, those black heels and some dark jeans and a black top would look the hotness. K, nightnight!

Celeb Roundup

We don't focus too too much on famous folks here at Chez Binge, mainly because there are more than enough celebrity gossip sites out there, but a few celeb snaps caught my eye today.

I really like the dress Lauren "Don't Call Me L.C." Conrad wore to the Teen Choice Awards. Apparently she designed the dress herself. More pix here.

Also, I was psyched to see that the adorkable Justin Long (who's rumored to be dating Drew Barrymore - !!?!?) was wearing Modern Amusement, an indie Ben Sherman-esque men's line that I absolutely love.

Jennifer Garner does something or other in Japan. She looks so graceful and elegant yet not totally boring. Yay! (Photo via JustJared)

Rihanna looks like someone wrapped her in some kind of haute protective packaging at some bullshit Nascar event. I do like her shoe (singular) though. Looks like Ruthie Davis. (Photo via

I actually think Mischa Barton looks amazing in her Iceberg ads... though not as amazing as she looks on the August cover of Elle UK, despite those unforgivable disco bracelets that look like big, gay cantaloupes or something. (It actually took me a while to realize they were bracelets on her actual arms and not some overlay product shot).

(Photos via

(Photo via
The bangles, by the way are by British accessories designer Scott Wilson, who designed the piece for Matthew Williamson, who I kinda think looks like he could be Mischa's gay cousin. Don't they both sorta have a bit of that weird Care Bear stare situation happening?

Anyway, it certainly looks like she's come a long way from her denim days.

Also, I don't know what's more disconcerting: Amy Winehouse's drug probs or her in a bikini:
(Photo via TheSuperficial)

Also from The Superficial, I'm plotzing over this hilarious depiction of Lindsay Lohan doing drugs in rehab troubles:

According to reports, Lindsay was also said to have been caught having sex in a toilet stall with a male patient. She's also frequently late to meetings and refuses to do any chores or menial tasks such as washing up. Man, even in rehab this woman is unstoppable. She's like the Terminator, but instead of being programmed to kill she's been programmed to party. Earth could get hit by a meteor and Lindsay Lohan would be the only surviving creature, and instead of looking for other survivors or getting help, she'd just drink a beer and try to hump a corpse.

Ahhh it's funny cuz it's troo!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sexy Buckle Halter Top Bikini

sexy bikini picture sexy brazil bikinisexy bikini picture sexy brazil bikini

This Sexy Buckle Halter Top Bikini is featured in Flex Magazine 2007 Swimsuit Issue, includes a buckle halter top and matching half back bottom with belt. Sexy swim wear.

Sexy Foil Hot Pants Cub Wear Set

sexy bikini picture sexy brazil bikinisexy bikini picture sexy brazil bikini

sexy bikini picture sexy brazil bikinisexy bikini picture sexy brazil bikini

Sexy Foil Hot Pants Club Wear Set includes lace up shorts with matching triangle top.