Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 According to Dolce & Gabbana

Summertime Tailoring
Extra light washed silk. Linen and raw hemp woven like baskets.

Shirts in poplin and washed muslin cotton. Extra light washed and rubbed-down cotton. Sandblasted denim.

Sweaters in jute or in interwoven jute and leather. Extra light silk sweaters.

Open-work leather shoes or made with new techniques to hand-sew leather. Interwoven Sicilian style leather sandals.

String or leather sandals like those worn by Sicilian fishermen.

Interwoven leather bags that take inspiration from those used by the farmers in the South of Italy.

Soft volumes and sensuality: everything is made in the most classic and traditional summertime tailoring TRADITION.

Light and Shadow
White and black suits with an “out-in-the-sun” effect: the colors of the fabric look like they faded away because of the long exposure in the sun.

The color of sand hints the beach, while beige recalls the tangle of peasants’ baskets.

The need and desire to slow down from the hectic rhythm of life thus taking back one’s own time.

The whole collection turns around the concept of a more relaxed and sensual kind of elegance.

This concept is also expressed through swimsuits made of knitwear and coordinated with the sweaters that recall the popular concept of the famous “Italian Vitelloni.”

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Photos & text Copyright Dolce & Gabbana.