Friday, February 18, 2011

The Darker Side of Simon Spurr

Five years after introducing his eponymous luxury menswear label, New York-based designer
Simon Spurr will reveal a darker side to his personality with his autumn/winter 2011 collection….

This will mark the 3rd season of the SIMON SPURR luxury main line since separating from the
SPURR label, a re-positioned and widely distributed collection that’s centered on premium denim and modern sportswear.

While the SIMON SPURR range will continue to reflect Simon’s clean and contemporary aesthetic, the new autumn/winter 2011 collection is more conceptual—custom-made fabrics
and materials are juxtaposed against one another to create movement—and sets a more serious tone in a darker color palette.

“I think the majority of people know the collection for its tailoring, clean lines, luxurious fabrics and sophisticated look,” Spurr said. “And whilst this runs through the collection, the reduction of the color palette allows the viewer’s eye to focus more towards the fit, texture and proportion of the product.”

By restricting color and primarily using black, white and grey, the collection also achieves a definitive, more dramatic point of view. Oversized, hooded cashmere knits are paired with formal suiting, while graduated stripes in custom-made suits are contrasted with coated fabrics, laser-cut plonge leather and outerwear, including a black wool and cashmere top coat with leather sleeves and a fawn-colored shearling trench coat.

“There is still a reality to how these clothes can be worn—this is a signature consideration to the brand – but I have just pushed the boundaries of sartorialism slightly,” Spurr said.
With the exception of the denim, SIMON SPURR is produced exclusively in Italy.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Simon Spurr, Courtesy Starworks Group.