Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blood is the New Black

In 2004, Mitra Khayyam launched Blood is the New Black in Los Angeles for several purposes.
First, she wanted to showcase emerging artists and introduce them to the public. Mitra also shares the profit of every t-shirt with the artist that created it.

Moreover, Mitra desired that the public explore new trends in art and design, as well as issues that have meaning to the artists, such as love, death, sex, money, social status, god, and more.
Topics of the 2011 spring/summer collection include vanity, mortality, youth and religion and incorporate the work of six international artists from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.

You can expect 100 designs by more than 30 international artists for the entire 2011 spring/summer collection.

Modeling the collections is Christopher Daze.

Preview the collection here.

Photos Copyright Blood is the New Black.