Monday, January 10, 2011

Sosnovska… Naturally Yours

The [2011 spring/summer] collection is dedicated to naturalness. Its main image is weaved from familiar but sometimes forgotten things: the whispering of flying leaves in forests, the rustling of pebbles and river sand, the patter of rains and water, from morning waking up and deep nigh dreams.

It reflects the general idea of the collection. It represents a resident of a metropolis, who looks slightly sloppy but mysterious. However, he is close to nature and he derives his/her vitality and inspiration from there. His appearance reflects his genuine inner world.

Forms and Silhouette
Volume hanging forms and longish silhouette.

Two- or three-layered thin fabrics create slight volume and the effect of hanging down and make impression of natural covering

Structural similarity to natural lines and shapes

Expressive Techniques
Casual presentation of strict shapes, layering and outstretching forms

Color Scheme
Natural colors such as green, dark green, beige, brown, dark brown, dark blue, bluish

Fabrics and Textures
Cotton cloth, coarse calico, knitting, summer wools, blended fabrics, soft textures.

Check out the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Anna Sosnovska.