Thursday, January 6, 2011

“Boy Scouts and Beatniks” at Junk De Luxe

With its own distinctive original style the Junk De Luxe designers playfully challenge all the codes and canons of the masculine wardrobe.

Everything is mixed together for a personal look and inspiration is drawn from army and sportswear in the seventies, pop art in the sixties and new wave in the eighties.

With a slightly retro flavour, Junk De Luxe is still faithful to its vintage roots and the beatnik culture.

In an experimental wise mix, a succession of colourful and discordant combos is presented: skinny silhouettes for daily looks where fitted, raw, washed out cotton trousers are combined with used tie-dye jerseys and camouflage army jackets.

Army is this season’s favourite colour, appearing as a balancing element to stabilize multi-zipped nylon jackets and bold stripes running wild.

Suit jackets—slim and short, both sartorial and casual, made out of crumpled, coated fabrics—are accompanied with loose work wear pants and sexy, short sleeved, army shirts. Fresh and cool!

Fine washed and worn leather jackets are matched with denim shirts and stone washed jersey “sweat pants” with rock-chic effects. The JUNK dissident rocks hard, but with class…

In the classic line of the collection, every garment is designed to stand on its own as a unique piece rather than being designed according to trends or fashion clichés. But new quirky combos, shapes and input for the new JUNK boy scout allow him to be “anarchistic modernistic”—and less “stereotypistic”.

Fashion changes, style remains!

See the collection here.

Photos Coyright Junk de Luxe.