Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be My Aussie-tine…I Mean Valentine!

Make Valentine’s 2011 your biggest one ever with this special aussieBum selection, 100% guaranteed to nail you that perfect Valentine’s date you’ve been waiting for!

The team @ aussieBum has made a selection of their favorite Valentine’s gift ideas for you, each of them suited to match your personality whether you’re a bit of a show off, or a more laid back person... So let’s get started! First of all: what type of Valentine are you?

A Stand-out-from-the-Crowd Valentine, like our model Matt, on the pic?
Then, slap on a pair of the WJ Pro, aussieBum’s hottest range of underwear, and get the ultimate upgrade.100% guaranteed to make you look bigger and sweep that special someone off their feet on the big day.

A Cheeky Valentine?
Try these special aussieBum Valentine’s underwear! These are guaranteed to put a smile on his/her face AND they will be at a very special price, as aussieBum’s starts its new Special Sale this week on aussieBum.

A Classic Valentine?
You would rather be caught dead than standing in line to get into one of those busy, trendy dinner places?

If you’re idea of the perfect Valentine’s evening is to relax in front of the TV, then our Classic underwear range is for you. 14 different bright colours to choose from. Simple design. No fuss, no muss.

A Sporty Valentine?
Sweat. It. Off. That’s the only thing you believe in. And what if that hot date was just waiting for you at the gym after all?

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