Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Around the World with JUMA

Kenya, Russia, Los Angeles, Montreal—those are just a few of the places Jamil and Alia Juma have lived over the years. The brother-and-sister team behind the Juma label has admittedly “moved around a lot” according to Jamil, but their globe-trotting backgrounds have combined to make their apparel label appealing to stores around the world.

In 2003, the pair set out to create contemporary clothing, which evolved into a unisex line. The idea was to design clothes that they can both share, while being inspired by their individual and mutual experiences of their lives across four continents.

Both Alia and Jamil are well traveled and have lived in exotic locales such as Kenya, Congo and Kazakhstan, as well as all over North America including Vancouver, Montreal, Dallas, Los Angeles and Atlanta. In their spare time, the siblings have actively volunteered with various charities.

Designer Bios
Former model, Alia attended George Brown College and worked as an assistant designer at various design houses. A graduate with a degree in Biosystems Engineering from McGill University, Jamil worked as an investment strategist before entering the fashion industry.

Have a peek at the collection here.

Photos Copyright Juma.